3 simple ways to update your content

3 Easy Ways to Update Your Content

If you’re stressed out and putting off creating new content for your blog that’s probably the worst thing you can do…instead you want to find an easier way to stay engaged with your audience.

I used to be guilty of never updating my content and if you’re feeling like you shouldn’t update your content because you think it is a waste of time…stop that!


I’m here to tell you that it’s perfectly okay to update your content and actually it’s something that you should be doing on a regular basis

Let’s make it easy to update your content so that you have something too new to share with your audience with minimal effort.

Here are 3 super duper easy number of ways that you can update your content without creating a whole new piece of content or worrying about what you’re going to create.

And you can do it all  in under 30 minutes

Don’t tell me you don’t have 30 minutes okay?

I bet there’s plenty of times when you’ve gone out there and fiddled around on social media or you know done this or that or the other thing or daydream…I know you can find 30 minutes in your busy day.


Here are 3 Easy Ways to Update Your Content

We use this strategy all the time where we repeat content for clients when they’re on vacation or if they get too busy to create something now.

It’s 100% okay to repeat your client your content especially when it’s your great stuff.


#1: Add more sections to your content

I suggest doing here is do a quick read-through through your content and just jot down any kind of ideas that you might want to add.

Then start typing in your new content. Doing this should probably only take you maybe 10 to 15 minutes because really everything that you would want to add in is stuff you already know…right?


#2: Add links to your content

Adding links to other pieces of content that you already have is actually really smart. It pumps up the SEO juice for your content.

I hope you have Yoast plugin…with this handy plugin, you can actually do this very quickly, just go inside in your blog post and look at content that Yoast suggests that you should add into your article.

This simple step should probably take I don’t know 5 to 10 minutes. I suggest adding in no more than 2-3 links. Make sure that they’re relevant and add a few sentences in there about why this content is relevant and why you think your readers might be interested.

The benefit of adding links to your content is that you get people reading more than one piece of content on your site. You keep the on their longer on your site and when people stay longer and read multiple pages that makes you look more like an authority site.

This is something that I suggest you do on all of your content the first time you send it out but if you’ve got some great old content that could benefit from having links and is performing really well, then I suggest you go back and do that.


#3: Add Video to Your Content

Adding video is something that I’m going to be doing all of this year and for the foreseeable future.

Everyone is talking about is the power of video to create a connection with your audience. And I have seen this strategy work so well for my clients.

Anytime you have a great piece of content that you’ve had for a while if you can go back and add a video to it that would be super awesome.

This is so easy to do and is very beneficial because now you have content on the same subject in two places and in multiple mediums.

Once you create that video, put it up on YouTube and then go back and embed it into your blog post, just like I have done here.

Keep this in mind…your video does not need to be professional-grade it can be as simple as doing a live stream on Facebook on a certain topic and then turning it into a YouTube video.

I just did a FB live last week and also for this post.

I think both of them were under 8 minutes. My prep time took me 10 to 15 minutes so I had a whole new piece of content in less than 30 minutes.

Wham bam and done!


How to get started:

  • Go back to your top pieces of content make a list.
  • Plan out a live stream schedule and start with Facebook.
  • Download and turn the FB live into a YouTube video and embed it on your blog.


Here’s a bonus nugget:

This one’s going to take a little bit longer and if you’re stressed out and have no time f then I wouldn’t suggest that doing this one.

However, if you have extra time and you’ve got a great piece of content that is your top content I definitely suggest you do the video but you also should consider adding a content upgrade.


Watch the Short Video on 3 Easy Ways to Update Your Content:


Three simple content upgrade ideas

  1. create a checklist. I love this one and I even have a quick template that I use over in Google Docs to create a simple checklist. I just turn it right into a PDF that I set up as a content upgrade.
  2. Create add-on content. You might have more information that goes deeper than the blog post so give that wet away as a content upgrade.
  3. Turn your entire post into a Pdf. This is super easy with the Chrome extension called print-friendly and PDF. You can quickly make a PDF of your article and that way your entire article becomes a PDF in downloadable form for people to have.


I’d say idea #3 creating a Pdf probably takes three or four minutes whereas as a content upgrade checklist probably can take you 15 to 20 minutes to just type in that checklist from your blog post.

No matter where you are right now in your content creation process, I definitely suggest that you want to go in and make it a point of updating your content on a regular basis.


Start with your best content and update it.

Next time you find yourself stressed out and not really feeling like writing a new blog post remember these 3 simple strategies.

Keep a handy list of all your old content that you want to update you can just pull it out and get to work…before you know it, you’ll have a whole new piece of content created in less than 30 minutes.


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