10 tips to help you improve your blogging

Improve your blogging

I have been focusing on SEO as it pertains to blog post writing however I do not start there when I plan and write my posts.   Instead I like to think big picture when writing my blog posts. In order to help you improve your blogging, I pulled together 10 tips to help you out […]

The Blog Post Guide for Content That’s #1 In Popularity

blog post guide

In this article I give you the blog post guide to help you create a list post which is the number one most popular type of content that you can create. When you sit down to plan and create content, do you ever wonder what is the most popular format? Because list posts are so […]

Planning And Organizing Blogs Made Simple

Plan And Organize Blog Posts

One of the most asked questions is how do I make planning and organizing blogs easier so that I can be more productive? Lots of my clients start out reluctantly blogging and in our over 7 years of handling thousands of posts a year we’ve created a process for planning organizing blog posts that takes […]

How to Become a More Productive Writer: 7 Helpful Tips

Become a More Productive Writer

Content marketing involves not only just planning your content but writing your content. It’s all to easy too be overwhelmed at the thought of writing a weekly blog or two so here’s  how to become a more productive writer using these 7 helpful tips. Not only will this help with writing your blog but with […]

5 Steps to Creating Content That Is Easily Shared

Creating Content

The best way to get your message out in front of a wider audience is through blogging and content marketing….when done well it drives traffic back to your website which is the hub of your online efforts. Conversion rates are important but focusing on social shares and traffic is the best way to tell if […]

Why being consistent with article writing pays off

Being consistent with article writing pays off

I am always telling my clients to step up their article writing!  It dawned on me this morning that if I’m standing here on soap box telling them what to do I better get right off of it and start Practicing What I’m Preaching… I wrote earlier about consistency and now I am going to […]

List Building Tip: ​ 21+ enticing content upgrade ideas

21+ enticing content upgrade ideas

Everyone wants to build their email list fast and trust me any one of these 21+ enticing content upgrade ideas will really help you out! Let me be honest from you, with only one freebie to offer your audience it’s going to take a long long time.  A much faster way to build your email […]

Traffic Tip: How to Embed Your Facebook Live Video

Embed Your Facebook Live Video

10x Your Traffic Training with Kristen Poborsky How to Embed Your Facebook Live Video on Your Blog I am all about repurposing your content so today I’m going to show you this very simple strategy to get your content off of FB and on to your blog! I hope you start embedding your Facebook live […]

The Complete Guide to Repurposing Your Content

Guide to Repurposing Your Content

Today I’m going to show you how to reach more people and drive blog traffic with content you’ve already created with the complete guide to repurposing your content. What if I told you that you could take one piece of content and 10x it? Sounds too good to be true? Nah! That’s the beauty of repurposing […]