Create A Stunning Reading Experience

Stunning Reading Experience

First impressions are everything and most times the first time a potential client lands on your website, it’s on your blog. So it is a wise move to make your blog look and feel like it was done by a professional. ***Note that these tips apply to ebooks, workbooks, social media…everywhere you put your content! […]

Traffic Tip: 7 Simple Traffic Tips

Simple Traffic Tips

Getting more traffic to your website isn’t supposed to be hard….here’s the exact method we use to generate 4000+ views a month. I’ve been doing it for 8+ years now and have generated over 100k views a year for myself and my clients. I’ve discovered what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to […]

Traffic Tip: Create Killer Headlines

Create Killer Headlines

Use these 3 simple tips & you’ll be able to create killer headlines in no time I believe that headlines & images are the TWO most important things you have to get RIGHT if you want to get more traffic, build your list & make more sales Yeah you can use tools to help you […]

Traffic Tip: Get 50% More Traffic with Simple 10 Minute SEO

Get 50% More Traffic with Simple 10 Minute SEO

Don’t hit publish until you finish your on page SEO.  I’ll share you the simple formula here in my favorite & MOST effective traffic tip: get 50% more traffic with simple 10 minute SEO. On page SEO is one of the most effective SEO tips that will help increase your website traffic Search Engine Optimization […]

Traffic Tip: Getting Targeted Website Traffic To Your Posts

Getting Targeted Website Traffic To Your Posts

When looking to get targeted website traffic to your posts, do you write content for hot keywords or do you write for content for hot topics? I believe you can and should do both! Most of the traffic experts have come up with step by step guides that is just too darned technical or boring for the average business owner […]

The Seven Secrets to Taking Your Blog Post Viral

Blog Post Viral

Last updated:  March 15th 2016 When it comes to taking your blog post viral which is more important, killer content or fabulous SEO? Which is the bigger draw to increasing traffic to your website? It’s probably fair to say that this isn’t an either/or conversation but really a way to help you capitalize on both. […]

Traffic Tip: How to get more traffic with low traffic content

Get more traffic with low traffic content

Do you have old dusty content in your blog that just never really did anything for you?  A few weeks ago I wrote about  How to Get Traffic with Your Old Content. In that I specifically addressed how to get more traffic with your high performing content.  Today I’m going to address the other end […]

Traffic Tip: Increase Website Traffic with this simple SEO strategy

Increase Website Traffic with this simple SEO strategy

When someone says the word SEO, your eyes cross or glaze over at the thought of it? Or do you cringe at the thought of using google keyword planner just like I used to? Do you ask yourself why does it really have to be complicated or hard? Give me 15 minutes of your time […]

How to Drive Traffic With Old Content

Drive Traffic With Old Content

It never fails to surprise me that so many people write blog posts and then never recycle their own content again on social media. By not continually recycling your older content you’re missing out on a boatload of traffic! Do you have content on your blog that you aren’t recycling or maybe old content that […]