How to Build A Powerful Content Calendar For Your Business

How to build a powerful content calendar

I’m adamant that you must make it a priority to build a powerful content calendar for your business. In this post I’ll share a few compelling reasons why and give you a look at my fool-proof 3-step process that I’ve used to plan thousands of blogs for my clients. Let me share a statistic with […]

Why you need to create content with a purpose

Create content with a purpose

I want to chat with you here about why you need to create content with a purpose. You might be wondering…what? All of my content has a purpose… What I am referring to is that you should focus on creating content that helps to market and grow your business based upon your particular needs. Now […]

The Busy Person’s Guide to Repurposing Content

guide to repurposing content

I’ve found a simple way to take a single piece of content and turn it into 4+ forms so I can reach more people. In this post, I share my simple guide to repurposing content. Let’s start with a pop quiz for you today… which of these statements do you agree with? I hate creating […]

3 Easy Ways to Update Your Content

3 simple ways to update your content

If you’re stressed out and putting off creating new content for your blog that’s probably the worst thing you can do…instead you want to find an easier way to stay engaged with your audience. I used to be guilty of never updating my content and if you’re feeling like you shouldn’t update your content because […]

3 Essential Ingredients of Great Content

3 essential ingredients of great content

What are the 3 essential ingredients of great content? Before you dive in or click off…I want you to know that what I share in the short video below is universal, whether you write content for your blog, shoot videos or have a podcast.   Anything and everything you create must have the 3 essential […]

GDPR and how it affects your blog

What is GPDR?

You may have seen emails addressing GDPR hitting your inbox frequently this month. I know I get at least 3+ emails a day from other people I follow my email provider, various services I use to run my business and those of my clients all addressing GDPR.

7 Post ideas for Business Bloggers

7  post ideas for business bloggers

Have you taken the content creation quiz yet?  If you are curious and wonder what type of a blogger you are, you can take this fun personality quiz to find your style. If you have taken the quiz, maybe you found yourself in the business blogger category and you’re looking for some blog post ideas to help you […]

WordPress or Squarespace: Which one is right for your blog?

Wordpress or Squarespace

WordPress or Squarespace… How do you choose the right platform for your blog? Need to build a brand new website or just do a makeover of your existing site? With so many great website builder options like WordPress or Squarespace available how do you know which is the right solution for your business? Confusing or […]