The Profitable Content Creator’s Guide

profitable content creators guide

How to make every hour and action count The step by step guide to working smarter and creating profitable blog posts It’s no secret that writing blog posts is the most important way to share your expertise and to get traffic to your blog. And ultimately you want your blog posts add more subscribers and […]

SEO Basics: How to Optimize Your Blog Post in 10 Minutes or Less

Optimize Your Blog Post in 10 Minutes or Less

I can’t stress enough how important SEO is. That’s why in this blog post, I’m excited to share some SEO basics that every blogger should apply before they hit publish. SEO may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Everything written on this page can be in 10 minutes. And I assure […]

The Ultimate Content Marketing Strategy for 2021

The Ultimate Content Marketing Strategy for 2021

In this short video, I share with you the same Content Marketing Strategy that I use in my business for all of my one on one clients. In fact, this is the same strategy that I teach in my online course Smart Simple Content Marketing.The great thing about this content strategy it is an evergreen strategy.  […]

How to Create an Effective Content Strategy

effective content strategy

In this video, I’m talking to you about creating an effective content strategy. The Content marketing institute digital content marketing stats show that 72% of marketers say content marketing increases engagement. And in Hubspot’s 2020 Annual Marketing report says  70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing. My hope is that these two statistics […]

The Difference Between Content Marketing and a Content Strategy

the difference between content marketing and a content strategy

I’m here talking to you today in this video about the difference between content marketing and a content strategy…and why you need both! Here’s what I am covering:  – What is content marketing.  – What is a content strategy.  – Why you need them both and how they work together to build your business. I […]

How to Create Content with a Purpose

How to content with a purpose

In this video I share how to create content with a purpose…and that purpose is to attract ideal leads and customers into your coaching practice. I break it all down into the types of content you need to be creating and when so that you know what type of content you should be creating if […]

Content Creation and Marketing Hacks You Might Not Be Using

content creation and marketing hacks

Here’s  7 content creation and marketing hacks that you might not know about…but should. Are you finding it difficult attracting readers and clients to your coaching practice with your current content creation and marketing efforts? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.  The majority of coaches and healers who create content don’t know how to […]

10 Things to Do In Your First 3 Months of Creating Content

first 3 months of creating content

Okay so you’ve decided to start creating content or maybe you have started and you’re at a loss about what to do next…. No matter where you are in your content creation process, you can use this list to help you create content that is high quality, meaningful to your audience and helps build your […]

3 Things You Must Do To Create Profitable Content

Creating Content is one of the BEST ways to position yourself as the “Go-To” person in your niche and fill your coaching practice. However, there is a RIGHT way and a WRONG to do this…This ONE thing is so simple and when you combine it with my proven framework for content creation it will change […]

Why you don’t want to use google to your create content plan

Why you don't want to use google to create your content plan

I’ve helped clients and students plan and create thousands of pieces of content and here’s why you don’t want to use google to create your content plan. Yes, I am bullish on having a content plan and not just one that is made up out of your head…Here’s the deal. When you research your topics […]