Traffic Tip: 3 Simple Ways to Improve Your CTA

Simple Ways to Improve Your CTA

Are you including a CTA or call to action in your copy?    When you use these 3 simple ways to improve your CTA, you will improve not only your traffic but your leads and sales. Let’s go over what makes a great CTA or lead as I like to call them.   The job of […]

Traffic Tip: Use Your Social Sharing Buttons

Use Your Social Sharing Buttons

You might be saying OK, but why? There’s a really good reason for this, actually there a number of them.  Here are my top 3 reasons why you always want to use your social sharing buttons when publishing your content out on social media. You can control what you post on what platform.  You have […]

7 Easy Ways to Build Your Email List Faster

Build Your Email List Faster

One of the most valuable things you have in your marketing arsenal is your email list…. If you haven’t started building your list, you should get cracking!  And if your list building seems stalled, then here’s 7 ways you can build your list faster. According to the 2016 State of Small Business Report which surveyed 1100 small […]

5 Tips for More Effective Landing Pages

Effective Landing Pages

A successful blog is all about how many people are visiting your site, interacting on your site and coming back to your site. If you can achieve these three things, you are guaranteed to grow your numbers and increase your SEO. One of the best ways to do this is through effective landing pages that […]

Infusionsoft Tutorial–Tag by Date Reporting

Infusionsoft Tutorial

Do you use Infusionsoft to build your client email list? Being able to track contacts based on when they signed up and under which tag they were added, can be a great asset to your business. Here are some ideas get you thinking about how you can use this report Segment contact and move into […]

Infusionsoft Tip & Tricks: Creating a Simple Lead Capture Form

Creating a Simple Lead Capture Form

Capturing leads is a huge part of marketing your business. It is how you keep in touch with those who have interest in your products or services. But knowing what to do with those leads after you’ve pulled them in is most important. Imagine having 1000 leads from multiple sources and they are all jumbled […]

How to Generate More Traffic and Leads Using Twitter

Generate More Traffic and Leads Using Twitter

If you are reading this, I’ll bet you have a Twitter account and I’m betting again that you probably aren’t using it it’s full potential – am I right? While a lot of you are using their Twitter account to share content and communicate with their customers, not as many of you are leveraging your […]

List Building Series Part 1: Understanding the Power of An Email List

Understanding the Power of An Email List

Unleashing The Power of an Email List Are you interested in getting out in front of more people who are interested in your message? What if doing this increased your ability to reach people make a difference and ultimately make more money? Doing this doesn’t require any fancy SEO, design or insider knowledge.  Do I […]

How to Use The Short Burst List Building Strategy

Short Burst List Building Strategy

Of course you do not want to abandon the consistent slow and steady list building strategy you already have in place.  However it is good to plan a few times each year where you focus completely on building your list using the short planned burst method So…what exactly is the short burst list building strategy? […]