The Ultimate Content Marketing Strategy for 2021

The Ultimate Content Marketing Strategy for 2021

In this short video, I share with you the same Content Marketing Strategy that I use in my business for all of my one on one clients. In fact, this is the same strategy that I teach in my online course Smart Simple Content Marketing.The great thing about this content strategy it is an evergreen strategy.  […]

How to Create an Effective Content Strategy

effective content strategy

In this video, I’m talking to you about creating an effective content strategy. The Content marketing institute digital content marketing stats show that 72% of marketers say content marketing increases engagement. And in Hubspot’s 2020 Annual Marketing report says  70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing. My hope is that these two statistics […]

10 Things to Do In Your First 3 Months of Creating Content

first 3 months of creating content

Okay so you’ve decided to start creating content or maybe you have started and you’re at a loss about what to do next…. No matter where you are in your content creation process, you can use this list to help you create content that is high quality, meaningful to your audience and helps build your […]

3 Things You Must Do To Create Profitable Content

Creating Content is one of the BEST ways to position yourself as the “Go-To” person in your niche and fill your coaching practice. However, there is a RIGHT way and a WRONG to do this…This ONE thing is so simple and when you combine it with my proven framework for content creation it will change […]

Nine Website Development Mistakes You Should Never Make

9 website mistakes you should never make

  Whether you have an existing website or are planning to build a new website,  it’s important that you put some thought into it. According to 2019 small business statistics from G2 Crowd, 83% of business owners feel that having a website will give them a competitive advantage. I have to agree with these statistics. […]

6 Pricing Strategies for Your Digital Product

Setting a price for a digital product can feel more challenging than setting a price for a tangible product, as it lacks many of the traditional costs and inventory limitations. For example, the overhead costs of holding and distributing a digital product tend to be far less than managing a supply chain for a physical […]

Why you don’t want to use google to your create content plan

Why you don't want to use google to create your content plan

I’ve helped clients and students plan and create thousands of pieces of content and here’s why you don’t want to use google to create your content plan. Yes, I am bullish on having a content plan and not just one that is made up out of your head…Here’s the deal. When you research your topics […]

How to Build A Powerful Content Calendar For Your Business

How to build a powerful content calendar

I’m adamant that you must make it a priority to build a powerful content calendar for your business. In this post I’ll share a few compelling reasons why and give you a look at my fool-proof 3-step process that I’ve used to plan thousands of blogs for my clients. Let me share a statistic with […]

Why you need to create content with a purpose

Create content with a purpose

I want to chat with you here about why you need to create content with a purpose. You might be wondering…what? All of my content has a purpose… What I am referring to is that you should focus on creating content that helps to market and grow your business based upon your particular needs. Now […]

Ultimate Guide to Creating a Style Guide for Your Blog

Guide to Creating a Style Guide for Your Blog

Consistency is key to keeping a cohesive look and feel to your blog…plus having a style guide for you in an easy to access place makes blogging so much easier. Let’s talk about style guides – how to create them for your blog, and why you should create them for your blog as well. Having a […]