How to Create Content with a Purpose

How to content with a purpose

In this video I share how to create content with a purpose…and that purpose is to attract ideal leads and customers into your coaching practice. I break it all down into the types of content you need to be creating and when so that you know what type of content you should be creating if […]

Content Creation and Marketing Hacks You Might Not Be Using

content creation and marketing hacks

Here’s  7 content creation and marketing hacks that you might not know about…but should. Are you finding it difficult attracting readers and clients to your coaching practice with your current content creation and marketing efforts? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.  The majority of coaches and healers who create content don’t know how to […]

11 crucial elements your home page needs

11 crucial elements your home page needs

I want you to think of your website’s home page’s primary job is to conduct an interview for you.   Every time someone visits your home page they are doing the following. Critiquing what your site looks like. Critiquing your copy. Establishing an opinion of whether or not you can help them solve their most pressing […]

3 Things You Must Do To Create Profitable Content

Creating Content is one of the BEST ways to position yourself as the “Go-To” person in your niche and fill your coaching practice. However, there is a RIGHT way and a WRONG to do this…This ONE thing is so simple and when you combine it with my proven framework for content creation it will change […]

Nine Website Development Mistakes You Should Never Make

9 website mistakes you should never make

  Whether you have an existing website or are planning to build a new website,  it’s important that you put some thought into it. According to 2019 small business statistics from G2 Crowd, 83% of business owners feel that having a website will give them a competitive advantage. I have to agree with these statistics. […]

6 Pricing Strategies for Your Digital Product

Setting a price for a digital product can feel more challenging than setting a price for a tangible product, as it lacks many of the traditional costs and inventory limitations. For example, the overhead costs of holding and distributing a digital product tend to be far less than managing a supply chain for a physical […]

Why you don’t want to use google to your create content plan

Why you don't want to use google to create your content plan

I’ve helped clients and students plan and create thousands of pieces of content and here’s why you don’t want to use google to create your content plan. Yes, I am bullish on having a content plan and not just one that is made up out of your head…Here’s the deal. When you research your topics […]

The Busy Person’s Guide to Repurposing Content

guide to repurposing content

I’ve found a simple way to take a single piece of content and turn it into 4+ forms so I can reach more people. In this post, I share my simple guide to repurposing content. Let’s start with a pop quiz for you today… which of these statements do you agree with? I hate creating […]

GDPR and how it affects your blog

What is GPDR?

You may have seen emails addressing GDPR hitting your inbox frequently this month. I know I get at least 3+ emails a day from other people I follow my email provider, various services I use to run my business and those of my clients all addressing GDPR.