Entrepreneur Mindset: Use Teamwork to Accomplish More

Use Teamwork to Accomplish More

In this post I share my heard learned lessons learned about how to use teamwork to accomplish more in your business. I was listening to Darren Hardy’s daily video about success the other day, he was kicking off a series on team building and he mentioned that teams should emulate ducks… He threw out a […]

Want to make more money…here’s how

Make more money

Want to make more money in your business…here’s how. I’ll bet you’re shaking your head yes. I’ve been watching Darren Hardy’s success series every morning and today he talked about this very subject.  I love how he breaks it into a very simple process: Step 1:  Add more value to the world Step 2:  Learn […]

Entrepreneur Mindset: Give Up Your Dependency on Social Media & Television

Give Up Your Dependency on Social Media & Television

“The trouble is, you think you have time” — Jack Kornfield If you want to get ahead then you should embrace this entrepreneur mindset: give up your dependency on social media & television. Unless your business goals depend on either social media or television you really should consider minimizing your dependency upon them.   Instead you should be […]

8 Digital Marketing Trends That You Need To Have on Your Radar

Digital Marketing Trends

Whether you are building your content plan for the entire year or a quarter, it’s a good idea to consider these 8 digital marketing trends. Content marketing is continually evolving and FAST.  You need to be evaluating what’s working and building for the future of your business. Content Marketing Efforts Are Proving to Be More Effective […]

4 Reasons Why Your Website is Ready for an Update

Your Website is Ready for an Update

Are you listening to your website? My guess is probably not…  We all expect our websites to continually work hard for us day in and day out even when we are off doing other things. In this post I’m covering the 4 reasons why your website is ready for an update. I find that most entrepreneurs […]

Traffic Tip: How to get more traffic with low traffic content

Get more traffic with low traffic content

Do you have old dusty content in your blog that just never really did anything for you?  A few weeks ago I wrote about  How to Get Traffic with Your Old Content. In that I specifically addressed how to get more traffic with your high performing content.  Today I’m going to address the other end […]

5 Website Traffic Experts You Should Meet

Website Traffic Experts You Should Meet

I shared a quote over on my Facebook page a few days ago that got a lot of attention. Here’s what I said… This is MY PERSONAL RULE when I am looking to learn something new. I always start by finding someone I can learn from that has PROVEN results. Not just saying they can […]

5 Tips for More Effective Landing Pages

Effective Landing Pages

A successful blog is all about how many people are visiting your site, interacting on your site and coming back to your site. If you can achieve these three things, you are guaranteed to grow your numbers and increase your SEO. One of the best ways to do this is through effective landing pages that […]

The ultimate list of the best marketing strategies

Best marketing strategies

Updated on February 2, 2016 The Ultimate List of The Best Marketing Strategies   Get Yourself Seen & Heard When it comes to marketing, it’s all about the numbers. Getting yourself in front of your prospective client(s) not just once but a consistently is the key here.  Not only do you need to do this […]

Online Marketing Success: Systems Part One

So you’re a business or life coach wanting to build a successful online presence and you are wondering where to start… This can be confusing when you don’t know what the steps are or where to start in order to get the biggest boost in the shortest amount of time.  Once you break the process […]