6 Pricing Strategies for Your Digital Product

Setting a price for a digital product can feel more challenging than setting a price for a tangible product, as it lacks many of the traditional costs and inventory limitations. For example, the overhead costs of holding and distributing a digital product tend to be far less than managing a supply chain for a physical […]

The number 1 thing you gotta do before a launch

1 thing you gotta do before a launch

We’re in the final countdown before a launch… Watch this short video do see what the number 1 thing you gotta do before a launch – just CLICK on the image here to start watching: You might think I’m OCD but I have worked on systems development for years and trust me I know the […]

Online Marketing Success: Systems Part Two

Level Two:  Positioning Yourself As An Expert in Your Field In my last post I focused on the systems you need if you are just beginning to build your online presence.  How do you know if you are ready for level two? Look through the list below and check off any that apply: You have […]