Create A Stunning Reading Experience

Stunning Reading Experience

First impressions are everything and most times the first time a potential client lands on your website, it’s on your blog.

So it is a wise move to make your blog look and feel like it was done by a professional.

***Note that these tips apply to ebooks, workbooks, social media…everywhere you put your content!

Start by building your site using a good paid template. I like the Salient & Divi Themes.

1. Typography:

while it is OK to be unique, you want to use good readable fonts and be simple. The goal is to keep it readable so I recommend using Serif, Sans Serif or Monotype fonts.

Stick to no more than 3 fonts and use them for the following:

  • Headlines
  • Subheadlines
  • Content


2. Whitespace:

You want to make sure you incorporate white space into your design and on your blog posts themselves. Doing this creates a calm experience for your readers and gives their eyes some breathing space.

I do this on my blog, Facebook page & Instagram using . to separate content into easily digestible pieces of information – do this everywhere!

Less is More!


3. Font Space & Sizing:

Decide on your font sizes and spacing. You’ll want to have set font sizes for headlines, sub-headlines & content.

Did you know there is an optimal number of characters per line for ease of reading? Its between 50-75 characters per line. If you use this rule, your readers will better understand your ideas.

To help you discover the perfect font, size & spacing for your blog – here’s a great app called the Golden Rule Typography Calculator developed by Chris Pearson at:

BONUS TIP Build yourself a branding guide for your blog, ebooks, workbooks & on Social Media. Use it on all of your content to build better brand recognition!


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