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Give your clients what THEY want

One of the most important lessons I have learned over the years is to give your clients what THEY want not what I THINK they want.

I have seen two big companies I worked for in my years in retail fail because they refused to do this.  As a buyer running a successful $300 million dollar a year business I learned first hand to listen and pay attention to what the customers want.

That lesson still stands today – if you are creating a product, a program or even content for your blog and social media, do some reasearch and give your audience what they want.

Watch my short video on why you MUST give your audience what it wants and a nifty tool to help you figure out what they want more of from you!

When we research blog topics, successful facebook pages and even Amazon content that has been published for our niche and we use that knowledge in our business and that of our clients it makes a BIG difference.

So go look at your successful competitors, check out their websites, what they are blogging about and their social media.

Look at what people are responding to.

Then do the same with your business.

Don’t copy, instead use what they are doing as an inspiration.

Put your own twist on it.

Getting Everything You Can Out of all You've got

If you want some great inspiration on this subject go check out Jay Abraham’s book Getting Everything You Can With All That You’ve Got – you can find it here on Amazon


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