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Infusionsoft Tutorial–Tag by Date Reporting

Do you use Infusionsoft to build your client email list? Being able to track contacts based on when they signed up and under which tag they were added, can be a great asset to your business.

Here are some ideas get you thinking about how you can use this report

  • Segment contact and move into a particular campaign
  • Send them a specific broadcast based upon their indicated interest in your content
  • See how effective a particular campaign is
  • Monitor ongoing campaigns to see if they continue to be effective and determine if it might need updating

Step by Step Instructions:

Here is a simple report to run so you can see what activity has happened under specific tags within a specific time frame.

1.  To start, go to your main menu and click on reports at the bottom of the Marketing column:


2.  Click on the blue “Tag Applications”:


3.  It will give you a place to put in the dates you want to run the report for. Insert the dates and click search. Then it will take you to the following page. From here, click on Edit Criteria/Columns:

4.  It will give you another search criteria box and you can change the dates, if you need to:


5.  Or you can click on Columns and this box will come up:


6.  Use the Sort by, group by, Then by as needed to refine your search.

As you can see from below, it will give you the tag name at the top with the contacts below and the dates they were applied.


And that’s all there is to it. An easy report to keep track of when and who applied specific tags.

Struggling with the campaign builder or just need some easy to follow instructions?

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