The Difference Between Content Marketing and a Content Strategy

the difference between content marketing and a content strategy

I’m here talking to you today in this video about the difference between content marketing and a content strategy…and why you need both!

Here’s what I am covering:

  1.  – What is content marketing.
  2.  – What is a content strategy.
  3.  – Why you need them both and how they work together to build your business.

I also give you a few examples of how they work and how to get started building a content strategy that fuels your content marketing.

Your content strategy + your content marketing work together to in tandem to grow your business.

The Content Creator’s Roadmap

When done right and consistently your content’s job is to grow your business is easy.

To help you out I’ve created a guide called the content creators roadmap that will walk you through the steps to create profitable content

content creator roadmap