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Content Marketing to Help You...

Be Seen Heard And Build a Big Tribe

Are you a coach, healer, therapist, or course creator needing help to get your message out into the world?


Your Content Will Help You Build Your Audience and Attract More Leads and Paying Customers in an Authentic, Non-Salesy Way.

We’ve been handling thousands of pieces a content since 2014 and helped coaches, healers and consultants grow their businesses to 6 figures and beyond with our content marketing strategy and services.

With Results Like These:

“I’m getting new clients every single day from my YouTube Videos!”


“I went from less than 1000 views on my website to over 4000 views in 3 months just by creating and marketing content that my ideal client is asking for.”

“I discovered a brand new highly profitable niche that my clients are willing to pay top dollar for just by testing out new content ideas.”

You’ve Tried…

Figuring your own content plan, publishing and creating mountains of social media content, only to end up with NOTHING! No traffic, no engagement and no leads or paying customers from all of your hard work

You know deep in your heart that creating the right content for your audience and being seen consistently on social media is how you build your coaching practice.

Traffic from my social media channels continues to be a powerful source of leads and clients that keep my coaching practice full!

I have a YouTube Channel that has almost 10k subscribers and videos with thousands of views and it keeps growing month after month!

Todd Creager

LMFT and Relationship Coach

Ready to Get Started or Have Questions About What it Takes to Build Your Content Marketing Machine?

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Be Seen & Heard + Help More People

A winning content marketing strategy helps build your influence and get more paying clients.

Here’s how our signature Tribe Builder Framework works to you noticed and build your tribe



We help you create content that your audience identifies with, tells your story and leads them to your products and services



We 4x Your Content Creation Process. We have methods that take your content and repurpose into various forms of new content so that you don’t tire out your audience by endlessly repeating yourself.

Scale & Grow


Use your content to be seen, heard, and build a bigger tribe of prospects. We get your content out in front of audiences at the right time and then automate it so it doesn’t go dormant.

Imagine Yourself…

Cracking the champagne when you send the link inviting your audience to your newly branded website…knowing that they will have an experience which is the same experience as meeting you on your best day…no matter when they visit.

Imagine having a brand that feels like YOU, one that you can be proud of sharing out on social media without the expense and hassle of working with someone who doesn’t hear YOU.

You have a website that is built to last using the latest technology and is easy to use. You won’t be thinking about wanting to overhaul it every single year because you actually LOVE it.

Ready to Get Started or Have Questions About What it Takes to Build Your Content Marketing Machine?

Sign up for a complimentary content marketing strategy  session with Kristen and pick her brain to find out what you need right here

Who will Benefit From our Content Marketing Services?

We’ve got over 10+ years of experience branding and building converting websites using our 3 step Smart Simple Website Process  for the following areas of expertise

Small Businesses and Consultants

Are you a consultant looking to build your online presence on social media in a way it attracts leads and clients?

When you have the right content at the right time you will naturally attract clients without any pushy, salesy content.

Our content marketing services will help you know what content to create that aligns with your business objectives so that you attract the right type of clients that you want to serve.

Fitness and Health Coaches

Are you a fitness and/or Health Coach who is wants to showcase your ability to get results for your clients on social media so that you get more leads and clients?

We help you reach the people who are searching platforms like YouTube for solutions to problems that you are qualified to help them with.

Our content marketing services will help you get the right content in front of the right person so that you can convert them into paying customers.

Personal & Business Coaches

You might be a personal or business coaches wants help building your social media presence so that you get leads and clients consistently?

Right now there are people searching platforms like YouTube for solutions to problems that you are qualified to help them with.

Our content marketing services will make sure that you have the right content in the right place so that you build your audience while attracting leads and paying customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s answers to the questions our Content Marketing clients ask us when thinking about working with us:

We only work with consultants, health coaches, business and life coaches because that is where our expertise is!  What that means for you is that we have a narrow focus so that we can specialize in one area and not try to be all things for all people.

You will get a custom content marketing strategy designed for your business based upon our experience and knowledge of what works best for coaches, healers and consultants to help get them leads and customers.

3 months until everything is fully in place and operational.

Month 1:  Strategy, Evergreen Content & Metrics Set up

In the first month we get to work right away with a strategy session where we create your content plan that aligns with you business.  And we focus on setting up your first round of evergreen content and metrics tracking.


Month 2: Free Offers and continue to create evergreen content

We know it is important to build your list so that you can market to your leads and convert them into paying customers.  So in Month 2 we get your free offers setup and follow up created and set up.


We also continue with your second round of evergreen content creation


Month 3: Automation and Metrics Tracking


By now we are on a weekly rhythm of creating evergreen content and feeding your content machine which is at work for you 24/7.  


We start tracking your metrics and reporting back so that you know what to toss and what to keep creating in order to scale your content marketing efforts.

While you may wish that someone could create all of your content for you with a magic wand…this isn’t the best business strategy!


No one can capture your voice or get inside your head and gather up all of your knowledge.  So as part of the process we ask that you create one piece of weekly content in the form of a video that we can take and repurpose for you using our 12x content multiplier framework.

While you may wish that it all could come together instantly, it doesn’t happen like that…it takes us 3 months to create your content marketing machine so we require a 3 month commitment so that we can complete your work.

If you choose to have your content automated using your own automation and not ours then everything is yours to keep and it will continue to run for you.


If you don’t, then the automation will stop when you cancel BUT as part of our work together you will have all of the content we create together in an organized Content Marketing Dashboard that we create for you.



Get it out of your head and on paper in the next 30 minutes.

I’ve created this free mini-training using my proven Course Milestone Framework to help you kickstart your online course creation so that you can finally get your ideas out of your head and into reality and make the impact you’re dreaming of!

It’s the same steps I use myself and what I teach in my Smart Simple Courses That Sell Program.