what is a content cluster

VIDEO: What is a Content Cluster?

Hi there… I’m here to talk to you today about What is a Content Cluster and how it fits into your content creation strategy.

I often refer to this type of content as a resource page.  Simply put it is a compilation of your best content on a single topic.

Why would you want to create a content cluster?  Here’s a couple of reasons why…

#1:  I talk about creating authority content in my content creation and marketing programs and this is the perfect way to showcase your vast knowledge on a single topic.

#2:  You’re linking your content and this is a SMART and SIMPLE way to improve your SEO without getting all technical.

#3:  You’re able to keep your readers on your site consuming your content longer and visiting multiple pages of content which also sends positive SEO signals to the search engine. 

In this video I cover:

1. What is a content cluster?

2. Why do you want to create content clusters aka a resource page?

3. How to get started…I’ll share with you my simple 3 part process

Watch the video here and let me know if you’re going to give this a try…

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