Weekly Round Up: 4 Inspirational Bloggers

Wondering whose blogs I am reading and learning from?

Here are my picks for this week’s roundup of  

4 Inspirational Bloggers:

Inspirational blogger #1:

Joe Pulizzi at http://contentmarketinginstitute.com

Content Marketing IstituteHis site is a hub for anyone interested in learning about content marketing.  The blog is full of great content from the blog to research, webinars and training.  If you want to know about content marketing this site is a go to resource.

And check out the Chief Content Organizer Magazine.  It has great information and you can read any of the articles in the current issue of the magazine on the site.  I found the February 2014 issue on how Content Marketing and Content Strategy are Separate but But Connected.  It got me thinking about what story do I want to tell in my marketing.

Inspirational blogger #2:

Kristi Hines at http://kikolani.com/


Kristi is a writer and blogger who writes about business and online marketing.  This gal is regularly guest posting on many different sites so don’t be surprised when you click on an article on her blog and you are taken to a different blog.

She’s smart to put all of her content that she has written for other sites on her own site and linking to them.  Guest posting and adding links to your content is a great way to build authority with the search engines.  My favorite recent post is the she wrote about 7 Creative Ways to Use YouTube Annotations. I’m sure you are creating  videos for your site and this article really got me to think outside the box!

Inspirational blogger #3:

Ana Hoffman at http://trafficgenerationcafe.com

Traffic Generation Cafe

Ana is the queen of traffic, and I have learned a lot of traffic strategies from poking around on her site.

I have to warn you that some of her posts are very technical especially when she writes about SEO & Matt Cutts.  My eyes glaze over and my mind is saying what?!  I suggest stick to reading about her lighter topics such as List Building, Conversion and Social Media Traffic.  Her Social Media Traffic 101 page has a lot of great resources on it that are worth checking out.

Inspirational Blogger & Influencer #4:  

Pat Flynn at http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/

Pat FlynnI have learned so much from Pat Flynn!  I was originally introduced to him when I was figuring out how to set up podcasting and a friend gave me the link to his post on How to Start a Podcast Step By Step.

Now I subscribe to both of his podcasts  Smart Passive Income and Ask Pat on iTunes and listen to them regularly.  Not only have I learned a lot from both of these podcasts, he has introduced me to several other influences that I now follow.

So if you have time this weekend, take a look at these sites and see what you can learn.  I’d love to hear who is on your list of Inspirational Bloggers




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