Your Website is Ready for an Update

4 Reasons Why Your Website is Ready for an Update

Are you listening to your website?

My guess is probably not…  We all expect our websites to continually work hard for us day in and day out even when we are off doing other things.

In this post I’m covering the 4 reasons why your website is ready for an update.

I find that most entrepreneurs don’t take the time to check in and really look under the “hood” of their websites.  I”ll bet most of you are intimidated by your website’s dashboard, thinking that is is more complicated than it really is.

When was the last time you logged into your website or spent some time looking it over and taking stock of what is going on?

Having a well designed website is a must for leads, conversions, clicks, and sales.

Knowing whether or not your site is in need of a total overhaul or just a few simple updates can be tricky, but there are a few signs that I don’t you to ever overlook.

I want you to time block some time in your schedule and really look closely at your website to make sure it is  working FOR you.

4 Reasons Why Your Website is Ready for an Update

And please make note of these four ways that your website maybe saying that it’s time for you to start thinking seriously about a redesign:

 1.   Your site looks out of date

When was the last time you updated your site?

Aside from the load speed, the look and customer experience on your website both play a huge roll in a potential customer’s first impression of you. If your website has an outdated look, it’s likely diminishing your authority and causing potential customers to leave.

Check out these before and after pictures of Ann Bennett Marketing – which we redesigned back in January of 2016:

The site looks like a higher quality resource than before.  Plus the home page has much improved customer experience and clearly communicates how she can help.

Tip:  When planning your new site, spend time planning your customer experience before you even start working on the design.  And be sure to take a look at the websites of your competition, especially those that are out performing you to see what they are doing right.

Doing this will help you strategize your design.

2.  It’s difficult to update your content

Keeping your site up to date and adding new content is a must.

If you aren’t able to update or add new content on your website or nothing can even be done without contacting your website designer, then it’s definitely time to consider a redesign.

Having a user-friendly website that allows you to access the backend of your site and being able to make small changes comfortably is a must!

Tip:  You should schedule regular back ups and update your site at least twice monthly to keep it up to date, functioning and secure.  Make sure you have access to the backend of your site, don’t allow someone else to “own” your site – that’s like giving the keys to your house to a stranger.

3.  You’ve got a high bounce rate

I’m hoping you are paying attention to your website statistics.  Knowing how much traffic your site gets, where it is coming from and what your visitors are interested in will help you build a successful business.

Pay attention to your bounce rate.  It tells you the pace at which visitors are leaving your website.  Your bounce rate is telling you what need to be addressed including:

  • Broken links,
  • Slow loading speed,
  • A lousy user experience

Tip:  Install the Google Analytics Plugin on your site and get familiar with those analytics.  Make a point of reviewing them on a regular basis.  Building and maintaining a website that is inviting, optimized, and easy for your visitors to browse through will help to keep your bounce rate low.

4.  Your site isn’t mobile friendly

Of all of the indicators, I feel that this one thing you cannot overlook.  With the number of people browsing from their mobile devices increasing,

If it isn’t already, mobile optimization should be a top priority in the redesign of your website. By having a website design that’s responsive to different devices, you won’t sell yourself short on any traffic.

Tip: Find out if your site is mobile friendly using Google’s testing tool.  You’ll be able to see if your site is accessible from mobile devices.

So pull out a calendar and block out an hour in your schedule either this week or next to do a thorough review of your website.  Make sure you  look closely at the following:

  1.  Look at your top competitors sites and yours – does your site look up to date?
  2.  Is it hard to update your content?  Do you have easy access to your site?
  3. Check your bounce rate – is it high?
  4. Is your site mobile friendly?  Check it out using Google’s testing tool

If you answered yes to any of these then it’s time to update your site.

Trust me your website will thank you by helping you convert more leads and customers if you invest in it!




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