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Traffic Generation: 5 ways to get more traffic to your blog

Pinterest 5 ways to get more traffic to your blog

Would you like to have more blog traffic, a bigger list and be able to sell more products and services?

These are the same tactics I use on posts for my blog and my client’s blogs that help to generate over 7500 views per month…

Here’s 5 ways to get more traffic to your blog:

1. Add keywords to your Post

Getting your keywords in the right place so people can find it when searching otherwise your blog will be like a deserted island.

Before you post your content add your keywords into you post. You’ll want to make sure you have your keyword in at these three key places in your content

  • In your title
  • In your page url
  • In your content

If you need help making sure your post is optimized then you need to have SEO by Yoast Plugin installed on your website to help you out.  It’s super simple to install and makes a world of difference when doing your on page SEO for your post.  At the very minimum, add your keyword into your title!

2.  Promote your content right away on Social Media

The second of 5 ways to get more traffic to your blog is to get it out on social media right away.

Here’s what you do…

Once you publish your content, go to your post and click on each of your social sharing buttons to share your content on Social media.  The most important of these is Google+.

You might be wondering why Google+ is important?

When you post to Google+ you let the most powerful search engine know that your new content is ready to be indexed.

3.  Write titles that interest & engage your audience

Here are some suggestions to help you create better titles

  • Use numbers in your title 
  • “How to” is always a good started for your title, people love to learn how do to something.
  • Add statistics into your title
  • Let them know this is a breaking story in your headlines
  • Create a funny title – everyone loves humor

4.  Reach out and find guest bloggers

Doing this will accomplish a few things for you:

  • Gives a different perspective on your site
  • Gives you some breathing room if you are always the only one creating content for your site
  • Drives more traffic if you have your guest poster promote it on their website, sending more traffic over to you
  • Gives you the opportunity to post on their site and cross promote for them.

5.  Add Social Sharing Buttons

You want to make it easy for other people to share your content.  Be sure you have a plugin installed like Shareaholic to make it easy for you to publish your content to your social media site and for others to share it as well.

If you spend time writing your content, it only makes sense that you would want it to be seen as many people as possible!

Follow the 5 ways to get more traffic to your blog in this article and you will be sure to start seeing more results.

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