The Profitable Content Creator’s Guide

profitable content creators guide

How to make every hour and action count The step by step guide to working smarter and creating profitable blog posts It’s no secret that writing blog posts is the most important way to share your expertise and to get traffic to your blog. And ultimately you want your blog posts add more subscribers and […]

Top images that you should be using for your content

top images you should be using for your content

If you’re not already using images for  all of your content, here’s some statistics to convince you why it’s important. Statistic #1:  Content with images get 94% more views.  Why?  Because images on social media platforms and on blogs are usually the first thing that catches people’s attention. Statistic #2:  When people hear information, they’re […]

SEO Basics: How to Optimize Your Blog Post in 10 Minutes or Less

Optimize Your Blog Post in 10 Minutes or Less

I can’t stress enough how important SEO is. That’s why in this blog post, I’m excited to share some SEO basics that every blogger should apply before they hit publish. SEO may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Everything written on this page can be in 10 minutes. And I assure […]

Planning And Organizing Blogs Made Simple

How I Plan And Organize Blog Posts

One of the most asked questions I get asked is how do I make planning and organizing blogs easier so that I can be more productive? Lots of my clients start out reluctantly content (blogging) and in our over 7 years of handling thousands of posts a year, we’ve created a process for planning and […]

How to set up your home video studio like a pro!

Set Up Your Home Video Studio

Are you considering adding video to your website or content marketing efforts? You should consider it.  According to statistics, the video content is the number 2 most read/watched piece of content. If you’ve heard that video marketing is the future, the future is here. This is the right time to put your efforts into creating […]

Why and how you should be updating old blog posts

9 ideas for updating old blog posts

The folks over at Social Media Examiner recently asked 1,300+ bloggers if updating older articles is part of their strategy. Fifty-five percent said yes. I personally make it part of my strategy to always revisit my older content. Here’s a couple of reasons why you want to think about updating old blog posts: Your older […]

Ultimate Guide to Creating a Style Guide for Your Blog

Guide to Creating a Style Guide for Your Blog

Consistency is key to keeping a cohesive look and feel to your blog…plus having a style guide for you in an easy to access place makes blogging so much easier. Let’s talk about style guides – how to create them for your blog, and why you should create them for your blog as well. Having a […]

SEO Steps: How to set up and optimize your blog

SEO Basics: How to set up and optimize your blog

Ever wonder what are the basic SEO Steps to set up and optimize your blog? Then you are currently on the right page. Everyone wants daily traffic to their blogs because this means more subscribers and sales too! If you need all of these to happen, the answer is proper optimization.  In this post, I’ll […]

The Blog Post Guide for Content That’s #1 In Popularity

blog post guide

In this article I give you the blog post guide to help you create a list post which is the number one most popular type of content that you can create. When you sit down to plan and create content, do you ever wonder what is the most popular format? Because list posts are so […]

My Single Best SEO Tip to Increase Blog Traffic

SEO Tip to Increase Blog Traffic

It used to be that you could get away with just plopping a keyword on your blog post and expect to increase blog traffic right away. Okay maybe that is oversimplifying things, but being able to increase blog traffic has become more difficult for the average blogger. The breakdown happens between the traffic you thought […]