4 ways to add video into your content marketing

4 Ways To Add Video Into Your Content Marketing

Video is all the rage & not likely to change any time soon!  In this post, I give you 4 easy ways to add video into your content marketing

It proves my theory in the digital world that we humans still crave connection beyond the written word.

I tell my clients and students who come to learn how to create client-attracting when building a website that they must have at least 2 videos on their website and that creating both long-form and short-form video content should be part of their monthly strategy to increase views and engagement.

On average, I’ve seen my clients get 500-750+ views on their blog of a SINGLE video during a 3-day run.

So my advice to you is to add video into your content marketing, it will pay you back with more blog traffic, opt-ins, and clients.

The biggest reason is that it humanizes you and really gets you in front of your clients.  Plus you can tell stories that create demand to work with you inside of your content.

Here’s a great traffic-generating video strategy that will reward you for your efforts:

TIP #1: Make a short 3-minute video telling people why you love what you do, you do it and who you can help – use this in these places:

Home or About page

LinkedIn Profile

Facebook Business Page


Aim to create  a minimum of video post per month on your blog

A simple way to this is to teach weekly on FB Live – make it short and advertise it on your other platforms to get people interested.

Then take the post, put it on your blog promote it once again on Social Media and get it into rotation with your other content.

Teaching on FB live will increase your engagement, build your following and lead people back to your website because you will include a CTA in your video and in the copy.

Instagram Reels – aim to make one Instagram Reel a week that teaches the same thing you taught on FB Live.

YouTube – take that one thing you taught and video it again for Youtube! Yeah yeah, I know….but this is the power of repurposing your content & getting in front of a wider audience. You can do this first, practice & get your presentation up to speed before going Live!

My parting words are to make your video personable, teach & don’t worry about making a super polished video.

Experience has shown me that the videos with the biggest views were focused on topics that audiences care about.  If you do anything this year be sure to add video into your content marketing strategy!

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So go make a video using your highest traffic content on your blog as your subject!

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