Increase your brand’s visibility, attract more leads and customers

When searching for a services or digital products, your ideal customer is more likely to choose one of the top five suggestions that the search engine shows them.

Having a well-executed SEO strategy will help you rank higher in search results while helping you attract more leads and customers.

Let me ask you…does your brand appear on Google when searching for terms that your ideal customer is using?

If not then you are leaving money on the table…

With ever-changing SEO strategies, you’ll want to work with an experienced team that can help you maximize your brand’s visibility.

Is SEO Right For My Business?

We’re happy to set up time to chat with you about how SEO can help boost your brand’s visibility 

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how will it help me?

SEO is a process of increasing your website’s visibility so that when your ideal client searches for an answer to a problem they are experiencing on Google, Bing and other search engines your product, service or brand shows up.

The better visibility your website pages have, the more likely you are to get attention and attract prospective and existing customers to your business.

The immediate goal of our SEO work with you  is to improve your site’s rankings in search results. But beyond that, the purpose of achieving high rankings is to attract more traffic to your website— and ideally, to convert your traffic into customers and leads.  

Is SEO Right For My Business?

We’re happy to set up time to chat with you about how SEO can help boost your brand’s visibility 

Our 6-Step SEO Process

General Market Research

We will learn your business’ marketing mix - your product, pricing, distribution and promotion for your product or service. Proper utilization of this knowledge channels the website to the right target audience.

Online Competitor Analysis

We do research to find out who are your key competitors in your niche and find effective keywords for your business.

This includes study of the optimization factors of your competitor’s website to help in knowing how your top 10 competitor is doing on the search engines. It also helps in identifying the key words which the competitors are targeting.

By knowing various contributing ranking factors, we can focus on your brand’s unique SEO strategy and away from the dominating competition which will help carve your own piece of the online market.

Compile comprehensive list of keywords personalized for your site

Using our powerful research tools, we will analyze your suggested key phrases to identify 

We will thoroughly filter key phrases or keywords for relevancy and competitiveness in order to find which keywords are best suited to your site with the goal of increasing your site’s visitors.

Website Audit

We conduct an in-depth website analysis to improve your site’s performance and help improve your ranking.  

Your website will go through a rigorous search engine optimization review. Here, we will analyze your website, identify areas that can be improved in order to increase search rankings and make recommendations for changes to content, code and any other issues that may affect the site’s performance.


Once we have identified keywords, we will then implement the appropriate keywords for each of the main navigation pages of your website. 

Continuous Improvements

Search engine optimization is a long-term marketing strategy, and in order to continually achieve the highest search rankings, it is essential to make adjustments and improvements in order to remain competitive. Ongoing maintenance and research should be carried out on a regular basis in order to ensure long-term results.

Is SEO Right For My Business?

We’re happy to set up time to chat with you about how SEO can help boost your brand’s visibility 

Who is a perfect fit for our SEO Services?

We’ve got over 10+ years of experience working with and the right fit strategies for the following areas of expertise


Are you a consultant looking to improve your brand’s visibility so that you have a steady stream of leads and clients wanting to work with you?

Our SEO services will help you identify what keywords your ideal client is searching for and help you optimize your current content to capitalize on those words.

Every single day there are individuals and companies searching for individuals who are qualified to help them solve their problems.

When you work with our team we make sure that you are  positioned with the right keywords so that they can find you.

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Fitness and Health Coaches

Are you a fitness and/or Health Coach who is working too hard to stand out online with disappointing results?

If you are the best kept secret in your niche when thousands of people are searching monthly for ways to stay fit and healthy we can help improve your visibility with our SEO services.

Our process of identifying keywords that you can actually get traffic with and optimizing your content will get you moving in the right direction where you’ll start seeing results.

Personal & Business Coaches

You might be a personal or business coaches who’s wondering how do I reach potential customers so that I can keep my practice filled with paying clients? 

Right now there are people searching for solutions to problems that you are qualified to help them with.  A cost effective method of getting in front of them is using SEO instead of wasting time with costly Facebook advertising that may or may not work to help you get the right kind of clients.

Our process will help you identify keywords that align with your service and digital product offerings.  We will then get to work with optimizing your site’s content so that you can get in front of the right people at the right time.

Is SEO Right For My Business?

We’re happy to set up time to chat with you about how SEO can help boost your brand’s visibility 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s answers to the questions our  SEO clients ask us when thinking about working with us:

Our SEO package is an exclusive marketing campaign that boosts your website’s rankings to go up the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 

An effective SEO initially campaign requires quite a bit manpower to research and analyze your site, accomplish detailed tasks and evaluate strategies that will be employed during the set up and ongoing processes. 

SEO also requires ongoing attention to measure and adjust your results.  As a result, your campaign may require a site-wide revision as the SEO progresses. A great deal of your SEO work done is done manually and not an automated program that performs the job.

For search engines to rank your website, there are many tasks that are needed to be done that involve work; research, analysis, strategy planning and experimentation.

 There are no shortcuts, tricks or an easy solution as situations differ from one case to another. SEO campaigns are done gradually and naturally.

One of the several factors that can cause this event is when competition uses illegal ways to go up the search engine ranks. We 

follow strict standards that are set by search engines and the industry. Our primary role is to provide you with optimal results ethically and efficiently.

Duplicate content impair search engine rankings and damage your website reputation.

Your site is not well optimized for your keywords you have chosen and there are strategies available for a website to appear on search engine results pages for specific keywords or key phrases. 

Our team of experts researches these for your site and implements them.

We provide monthly reporting for our clients  about the performance of their SEO campaign.  It’s part of our internal process to monitor and adjust our efforts on an ongoing schedule so that your site SEO continues to improve and stay on top. 

Please  note that your SEO campaign will take time for the improvements to be noticeable, however,  it is worth the wait and our work does not stop when you start to see those results.  

No matter where you are in the SEO process we continue to monitor and adjust your campaign to continue to improve your rankings.

Is SEO Right For My Business?

We’re happy to set up time to chat with you about how SEO can help boost your brand’s visibility 

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