Build Your Email List Faster

7 Easy Ways to Build Your Email List Faster

One of the most valuable things you have in your marketing arsenal is your email list….

If you haven’t started building your list, you should get cracking!  And if your list building seems stalled, then here’s 7 ways you can build your list faster.

According to the 2016 State of Small Business Report which surveyed 1100 small business owners, email marketing is the #1 choice to connect with their customers with 54% using it.

Small Business Report
Followed by websites in the #2 slot and social media marketing following in the  #3 slot.

This research indicates a trend back to the more traditional email marketing from 2015 when social media marketing was in the #1 slot with 61% and Email Marketing was in the #2 slot with only 43% using it to market to customers. You’re probably wondering how does this apply to me or why should I care?

Traditionally, email marketing has one of the highest returns on investment of any marketing tactic.

If you are serious about wanting to retain customers, and nurturing new prospects from leads into customers you’ll want to build a BIG list.

And even more important, you email list is an asset.

A name on your email list is worth more than a follower on any social media platform because you own that list and you don’t really own your social media platform – it can get shut down at any time.

The wonderful thing is that with your email list you get to communicate directly with your customers, and there isn’t anyone controlling who gets to read what using some algorithm.

And email marketing can be free or low cost making it affordable for all business owners.

If you are looking for free then check out Mail Chimp where you will get the bare essentials. However if you are more serious about building a list and marketing you will want to check out Aweber.

7  Ways you can build your list FASTER

1) Offer an incentive to sign up.

2) Embed the opt-in form.

3) Put a prompt (option) to join your email list on every page of your site.

4) Install a slider OR a pop-up, a.k.a., as a lightbox, or interstitial.

5) Use an app and a tablet to get signups.

Are you still using a printed out sign-up sheet to get people to sign up when you are at an event?

I sure hope so!  It’s great but from my experience you may be at risk of losing those emails due to bad handwriting.

There’s a better way. Use a signup app that runs on a tablet. These days I’ll bet your email service providers has an app (like MailChimp, Aweber , and Constant Contact).

You can find paid options too but why bother when there are many free options out there?

Remember to ALWAYS offer an incentive in exchange for their emails.

6) Use text to join.

Statistics show that online browsing and activity via cell phones is growing at a high rate and will continue for years to come.

Of course most of the activity on cell phones is texting.

You can use texting to help build your list using “text to join.” is a great option if you are looking for one that will integrate with most email service providers.

7) Add incentives to join your list on all printed marketing materials

Sending out a print newsletter or postcard?

Be sure to give people a way to join your email list.

BONUS TIP:  Use social media to offer incentives to join your list.

You should be sending out your opt in offer at least once a day on Facebook and LinkedIn. Include a graphic and lead with a benefit that will appeal to your target audience.

Save the features for the sign up page.

Add it into your profile on linkedIn using Slideshare to upload a graphic that will catch their eye.

On Twitter, you can get away with sharing your offer multiple times a day if you post on a regular basis. So there you have it,  7 plus one great bonus tip to help you build your email list faster.

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