Improve and Simplify Your Content Marketing

95 Tools to Improve and Simplify Your Content Marketing

There are so many tools out there to help you get up and running efficiently with your content marketing activities…

I’ll bet you wonder which ones work and which ones don’t or maybe how do I even get started?

I’ve looked over the most popular content on  this subject and curated a list of 95 tools that will help you improve and simplify the entire process.   To make it easy for you to digest all of this, I’ve organized it into a chronological list for you and added my comments and opinions.

If you aren’t already posting content at least weekly, now’s the time to get started as it will pay off in the long run with more visibility for your  business.

It can be easier if you have a good strategy, mark time on your calendar to write each week and use tools to help make the process faster and easier.

Here’s 95 Tools to Improve and Simplify

Your Content Marketing

 1.  4 Tools to help you create a content marketing calendar


4 Tools to help you build your content marketing calendar – from the folks over at Social Media Examiner.  You don’t want to just dive into content marketing without a good plan and these 4 tools will help you create a create content marketing calendar.

I for one prefer and use google docs to create my content marketing calendar for both my clients and my personal content marketing calendars.

It makes it easy to collaborate and communicate with my client and my team.  We have created and implemented a system that works very well where we start with a content calendar and then the client writes and submits the content to the team who then takes it through our content marketing process.

And yes we do streamline and manage the process using our project management software so nothing gets missed!

2.  31 tools to help you write great content

31 tools

Here are 31 tools to improve your writing skills from Hubspot

This post is chocked full of tools to make you a better writer!

I love and actually employ a swipe file to help me write better content.  I have them set up for headlines, emails, facebook ads, quotes – you name it!  I also look to Amazon to help me create swipe copy for writing sales copy.

The point is here that you should be researching more than writing the actual copy.  Do your research first and that will give you better copy.

3.   The top 5 Blogging tools you need

38 experts

38 Experts Reveal The Content Tools Every Blogger Needs – from the Blogging Wizard

I so agree with the #1 and #2 tools that got top ratings from these 38 experts.

 #1 was BuzzSumo and this is my go to place for finding content – that is exactly the tool I used to research this blog post! I was interested to see that someone suggested Ahrefs but it is pretty expensive and you only get 1 search per day with the free version…

#2 is google docs and this is what we use to create our calendars and implement our system to create and distribute content for our clients.

4.  15 Tools to help teams create and manage content

content team

The 15 Best Tools for Creating Content as a Team from Sprout Social

The gist of this post is that you need to have a project management system and they also recommend that you use google docs to help manage the content creation process….

This article also has great step by step and screenshots to help you get started using the tools they recommend.

5.   7  Tools for Creating Stunning Graphics

Top tools to create stunning social media graphics

Top Tools to Create Stunning Social Media Graphics from Maximize Social Business

These can tools can be used for your blog post and social media – I like to use the same image at the top of my post again on social media.

Canva is my go to tool for creating stunning graphics for my blog and social media. I’ve tried others and I like to stick to a single tool to keep things simplified.

6. 7 tools to easily create awesome infographics


7 tools for creating infographics in an afternoon from Buffer App

Studies show that creating an infographic for your posts increase engagement.  While you may not have the time to do this for all of your posts – it is handy to do this once in a while.

If you don’t want to do it yourself…you can always go to and hire someone inexpensively to create one for you.

7.   25 Tools to help you efficiently distribute your content

25 Powerful Content Distribution Tools to Boost Your Traffic from Hootsuite.

Once you have created your content you don’t want to let it sit on your website.  This article from Hootsuite will show you a variety of tools you can use.

We like to be strategic about how we post our content once it is on the blog so we hand post everything so we can make sure we put our best foot forward and don’t allow some plugin to determine how the content is presented.

We start by hand posting on all of the social media sites and then put the content into future rotation back out social media using Social oomph  – do it once and forget it!

So there you have it – 95 Tools to Improve and Simplify Your Content Marketing.

Stay tuned – as we are going to dive into the different  blog post types next where I’ll walk you step by step through the most popular and easiest blog posts types to make your content writing easier.  If you want to  follow the series, either sign up for one of my free offers or follow me on Facebook

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