Being consistent with article writing pays off

Why being consistent with article writing pays off

I am always telling my clients to step up their article writing!  It dawned on me this morning that if I’m standing here on soap box telling them what to do I better get right off of it and start

Practicing What I’m Preaching…

I wrote earlier about consistency and now I am going to dig a bit deeper and talk to you about consistency and your article writing and why it is necessary.

When you consistently write articles and post faithfully twice a week the magic begins to happen when you get to 50+ articles on your blog.  I’m not talking about starting and stopping or adding up all of those posts you wrote 6 months ago.  I’m talking about starting fresh right now and committing to writing  twice a week for the next 6 months and on the same days.

I know it may seem like it will take forever to get here and here are a few tips to get started with your article writing and stay on track:

  1.  Create a monthly content plan.  Pick a topic per month based upon a pain problem your audience would like to have solved for them.  Or it could be topics that lead up to a product launch.  What ever it may be, start by picking your subject for the month
  2.  Plan on blogging 1 time per week.  That’s it…in a sec I’ll tell you how to make it into more content that you can turn into multiple posts so you end up with more than one post a week.
  3. Do some research – go to a tool like google or buzzsumo or even post planner.  Type in your keyword and look for articles that have been written on your subject.  If you keyword doesn’t pull up content with a lot of social shares then dump that one and pick another one.  The key is to find popular content and start writing about it!
  4. Start writing – it doesn’t have to be long content just good stuff!  Some of the clients I work with write only one long article a month and short tips each week and are getting 6k+ views a month so trust me length does not matter!
  5. Turn that article into 2 posts….go on FB Live and record your article.  Don’t read it verbatim, change it up and add some more stuff in.  Then download the video and upload into Youtube.  At this point you can embed either the FB video or the Youtube video on your blog.  Now you have 2 posts.

See how quickly it is to get to 50+ posts FAST?  You may be so inspired when you start to see the traffic coming to your site that you’ll start blogging more….which is good!

Yup, you will slowly start to see the magic start and keep building.  I have seen this with clients where we have been consistent with their article writing for over a year now.  People are commenting and their Search Engine ranking has improved.  It comes down to consistency and commitment. When people start talking to you, your world will change and the momentum of growth in your business will start to build.  Don’t stop, even when it seems like you have nothing left to give, keep on writing and connecting with your audience – don’t disappear!

I’ve seen the results of consistency in my own business over the past year  I  started in this business knowing nothing and now I have become proficient at what I do and helping my clients to build successful businesses.

I’ve done a lot of things right and now it’s time for me join you to start writing more articles on a consistent basis so I can find my own voice and my tribe out there.  

Back over to you…did you find this article helpful?

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