How to build a powerful content calendar

How to Build A Powerful Content Calendar For Your Business

I’m adamant that you must make it a priority to build a powerful content calendar for your business. In this post I’ll share a few compelling reasons why and give you a look at my fool-proof 3-step process that I’ve used to plan thousands of blogs for my clients.

Let me share a statistic with you that you might find surprising…

Only 30% of marketers who create content have a plan or strategy….

Creating content, especially on a consistent basis… should be the basis of your marketing strategy and to be effective you need a content plan.

Just winging it or thinking you know what to write about without any strategy in place…won’t get you the results you WANT.

It’s what shapes your message and it is what allows you do make an impact.


Here’s the 4 reasons why you should be planning your content

  1. You want to have a plan that  aligns with your marketing and business objectives. (refer to what I talked about last weeks livestream and that you should have a strategy in place for your content  getting started, launch and evergreen content strategy
  1. You will improve your SEO You will be able to properly research your blog posts and the keywords you use: this will help improve your search engine optimization as you carefully plan your on-page SEO ahead of time.
  2. Makes sure you get a variety of topics that reach different ideal clients and gives you an opportunity to test out new ideas
  3. Saves you time every single week because you won’t have to try to decide what to create and – it will also help you get increasingly better results from your content.

I can tell you this is true because we’ve seen this time and time again working with clients and students in my courses.  We have handled thousands of blog posts and I can tell you the difference between having success or not with your content depends on having a plan in place…


Watch this short video where I share why and how to build a powerful content calendar for your business.

Here’s the process we use to create powerful content calendars

Step 1:  Determine your categories

Step 2:  Research topics

Step 3:  Continuously monitor your results and optimize your strategy

When you have a content strategy in place and when you do it right following the 3 steps I outlined here it grows your business.

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