Building Business Systems: Setting up Google Docs to work for you

You need to have access to your business systems wherever you choose to work  and setting up Google Docs to work for you makes this super easy!

Here are a few more reasons why you want to do this:

  • You have a team you work with and you need to give them access to your Standard Operating Procedures
  • You have tasks that you want to  delegate and the processes are documented.  You need to have those documents to be easily  updated and shared with key players
  • You have coaching clients and you need to share important documents with them
  • You need systems set up to track payments, metrics and schedule clients all in one place

You could spend a lot of time and money a bunch of systems to do this. However I am a proponent of keeping your business as simple as possible, keeping unnecessary expenses to a minimum so you can allocate those resources to something that is going to give you a big boost for your business.  This is why I love using google as the central point for setting up my client’s systems.  One of the first things I do when I work with a client is to look at what repetitive tasks need to be taken off their plates and created into an automated system.

The first business system I start with their e-zine process – Here is a snapshot of what this looks like:

  • You write your e-zine using a template set up in your google docs
  • The  e-zine specialist on your team is notified each week automatically to look for the copy (via a project management system) and creates the e-zine
  •  A day or two later you get the copy sent back for approval, edits are made and then it is sent to your list.
  • Simultaneously, the article you wrote is posted to your blog and automatically repurposed to your social media accounts.


How cool is that?

Okay so what does this Business System look like in Google Docs?  Here take a look right here and I’ll show you how simple this is for your e-zine process.

This photo is a sample of what a typical dashboard system looks like for a client of mine.  I set up the folders based upon the pillars of their business:


Then let’s dive in and see how simple the set up is for the e-zine process is.  All it consists of are:

  • Your template you fill out each week and share with your team
  • Your documented Standard Operating Procedures for your e-zine.
  • Your Standard Operating Procedures for posting your article on your blog.


There are two more associated procedures with this  which are adding your content to your social media campaign and setting it up on hootsuite. Both of those are categorized under the Social Media Folder.  Can you now visualize how all of these systems are triggered simply by filling out your e-zine template?

Your Standard Operating Procedures for your e-zine drives the system.  This contains the directions for the person who is executing the set up and delivery.  Coupled with a project management system, this is a very powerful way to automate your business.

I love this quote from one of my favorite books:

First you work your systems.
Then you systems do the work.
– Sam Carpenter, Work the System

What he is saying is that get freedom and control over your business you need to first get the systems mindset, build your systems and then let them work for  you.  Once you get a taste of the freedom it brings, you will be hooked!




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