How to Build an Email List Fast with Quizzes

How to Build an Email List Fast Using Personality Quizzes

I’ve discovered how to build an email list fast using personality quizzes and in this article, I’ll show you exactly what I did to get the 10+  highly targeted lead a day on a very small ads budget.

Since day one…a main business goal of mine has been to build my list to that I can expand my impact and help more people through my content, services and training.

I’ve made it a point to improve my list building skills over the years by studying with some of the biggest names in the business, Amy Porterfield, Fabienne Frederickson, Derek Halpern and Sandi Krakowski to name a few.

I’ve done everything from building a main opt-in, creating content upgrades, pop-ups landing pages etc…you name it, I’ve tested it out.  And, as the head of an implementation team, I’ve worked with 100’s of clients building websites, marketing funnels, social media presence since 2009.

Yes…. you can say I’ve got a lot of list building experience under my belt….some good and some really big failures.

Things that have worked okay for list building are telesummits, webinars and of course website traffic to blogs with content upgrades.

However, I was still looking for the ONE thing that would help me build my list consistently day in and day out.

Then one day I listened to a podcast where Rick Mulready interview Chanti Zak about how she uses quizzes plus Facebook Ads to generate quality leads.

I was fascinated having just finished Rick’s Facebook Ads training to hear the results she got.  I figured…what do I have to lose by testing something new out? I got the step-by-step process and started planning my own quiz.

Once I got clear on where I wanted to take my leads…into my paid Smart Simple Blogging Program the implementation of my quiz really began to move forward.

Within a couple of weeks, I had created my quiz and my landing page.  Then it took me about another couple of weeks to get my custom thank you pages set up with a download.

So all in all about 3 weeks probably about 20+ hours were invested of my time to get the setup done.  However, if I had used my team I could have cut my timeline by 50%

What I did to get my quiz up and running…

I used a combination of Interact Quizzes, Leadpages and Aweber to set up my landing pages, thank you pages and nurture sequences.  It was really easy to make them all work together and I am a big fan of both Interact and Leadpages because it was so simple and easy to manage the setup.

Screen shot of Quiz Landing Page Once they opted and got their results, I segregated my list on Aweber based on their results giving me the ability to deliver more content that was customized to their segmentation.    I did the work all myself instead of delegating to my team.    While I don’t recommend doing this, I wanted to go through the entire process myself so I could then build it into a system for my clients.      This only cost me my time plus the following software that I used:    Interact Quizzes – for quiz set up and automation    Leadpages  – for landing and answer pages    Aweber – to nurture new subscribers    Canva – for images and graphics created for the Leadpages & Facebook Ads    Once the quiz was set up, tested and ready to go…It was now time for me to promote it.      I’d had some traction with Facebook Ads getting lots of traffic to my site however, I was still frustrated because with content upgrades, pop-ups and my site optimized for list building I wasn’t getting the traffic I wanted.    With encouraging results with lots of traffic but not enough leads, I decided to test out Facebook Ads for my quiz because I had heard Chanti rave to Rick Mulready about the results she got.  I figured I had already allocated Facebook Advertising in my budget, so what did I have to lose?     I turned off my paid traffic ads and reset them up using the same targeting audiences that I was using to get loads of traffic to my website.  The ad is set up to maximize conversions and I started running it at the beginning of April 2018 I worked on optimizing the targeting and changing my budget and it is still small…about 22.50 per day.   Here’s a screenshot of my results from my quiz in Interact: Lead Quizzes Funnel Screen ShotThe results for the past 30 days have exceeded my expectations… Without a doubt this is the best performance I’ve had with any opt-in EVER…with an average of 10 up to 15 opt-ins a day costing me anywhere from 1.50 to 2.25 a lead from Facebook, I’m pretty happy.


Wondering how to build an email list FAST?

Use quizzes and follow my step by step process so you can get yours set up and running in just a couple of weeks.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas about how quizzes can help you generate more leads faster for your business.  And if you have any questions…let me know!  I’m here to help!

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