Streamline Your Content Creation Strategy

Streamline Your Content Creation Strategy with 5 Easy Steps

One of the most important things you can do to drive traffic and build your online authority is to build a content creation strategy that is valuable for your audience. 

I always tell my clients that this is the one thing that they should not out source.  In a previous post I shared a easy system on how to create a content calendar to get your content creation strategy automated.  In this article I’ll show you a 5 step process to further streamline your efforts.

Before we get started with your content creation strategy, here are a few statistics on why you need to create content and how it can benefit your business:

  • 61% of consumers feel more confident with businesses who create their own content and are more likely to buy from them.
  • 70% of consumers want to learn more information about a business through write-ups, not ads.
  • 78% of consumers trust businesses that deliver custom content and that they will create trustworthy business relationships.


 Content Creation Strategy in 5 easy steps

Step One:  Decide what medium you will use to publish your content. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Writing  – write blog posts and guest post on other blogs.
  • Video – create videos, upload them to Youtube and post to your blog
  • Infographics – this is very popular and can be quite fun to create or it may be something you want to outsource.  when I create mine,  I use:
  • Audio – create a podcast and put it on your site and on itunes.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you focus on what comes easy for you so that you don’t end up spending too much time on creation or become frustrated and give up on the process entirely.

Step Two:  Create a list of content ideas.

Sit down with a piece of paper and start brainstorming a list of ideas that you can write about.  I created a spreadsheet for this very purpose in google docs to keep track of my ideas.

Step Three:  Review what you have already created

Take your list and start organizing it into categories.   Then those to determine your posting categories and to layout your content schedule.  I like to publish at least 3 pieces of related content consecutively.  If you can refer to ( link to) other pieces of  related content on your blog it is a good idea to note this on your list as well.

This strategy will improve your SEO as it will encourage visitors to stay on your site and view more than one page.

Step Four:  Decide where should you post your content.

Of course you should be posting on your blog.  But where else should you post your content?

This depends on what type of content you are creating.

To make this easy for you I have created a content publishing guide for you to use as part of your strategy.

Step Five:  Create a content calendar to manage the process

In a previous article I wrote about how to create a content calendar using 6 easy to follow steps.

You’ll want to follow this process where I have broken it down into 6 steps including screenshots to get you up and running.  What good is it if you have all of these ideas but no system to implement it?  This article will walk you through that part of the process and get you started!

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