Easily Outsource Content Guaranteed to get More Traffic

Traffic Tip: How to Easily Outsource Content Guaranteed to get More Traffic

Traffic Tip: How to Easily Outsource Content Guaranteed to get More Traffic The folks over at Digital Market know a ton about generating traffic.  And I am always on the lookout for smart and simple ways to get more traffic.

They were able to generate 55,825 unique visitors in 29 days from a blog post they didn’t even write.  Yes they are able to easily outsource content guaranteed to get more traffic.

How to generate more traffic

I’m going to show you how easy it is for you to use the same simple steps they use to help you get great content written by someone else on your team or even on fiverr.com

What is so cool about this is that the person writes the post doesn’t even need to know anything about the subject.  I don’t know about you but I have had a heck of a time working with outsourced writers only to get back some piece of content that I have to re-write again.

The list post as I call it is the number one most popular type of blog post at the moment

The content aggregator

And best of all…it is easy and FAST to pull this content together.

It’s as simple as finding popular content, adding an image and a quote from plus a link to read more from the original article.

Check out this example from Makeup Tutorials:


Here is an example of how they pulled together 25 different special effects make up ideas for their blog.  Below is an excerpt from it showing the Enchanted Mermaid.

All they did was to take the image from the original blog add a tiny bit of copy and a link back to the original article.

So simple that you can get it done quickly yourself our easily outsource this type of post!

Enchanted Mermaid Make Up Tutorial

How to Easily Outsource Content Guaranteed to get More Traffic

  1. Research and decide on your topic – I like to use Buzzsumo to find viral content ideas.
  2. Gather up the list of articles and hand off to your assistant – you can easily and quickly pull a list of great articles using Buzzsumo
  3. Write an attention getting headline
  4. Write intro for your post
  5. Write body of post: take screen shots and add an excerpt and read more with a link to the original article
  6. Write a summary and conclusion – don’t forget to add a Call To Action at the end of your post with an offer to entice your reader to sign up for your list.

Watch the entire video on How to Easily Outsource Content Guaranteed to get More Traffic here:

I encourage you to add this strategy to your content plan at least once a month – it’s super easy and fast to create this type of popular content.

Try it out and let me know how it goes!




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