Give Up The Toxic People

Entrepreneur Mindset: Give Up The Toxic People

One of my favorite quotes and one I take to heart most often when thinking about how I can improve myself and my life is:

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” ― Jim Rohn

When was the last time you took stock of who you are working with and who you are hanging out with?

I want you to grab a piece of paper and make a list of people you are currently working with and who you are hanging out with.

Then next to each person’s name on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best put a number next to each person of how you feel when you are either working with or hanging out with this person.

Eye opening isn’t it?

So now you are going to focus in on those 1’s & 2’s…..I’ll bet if you are really honest with yourself you have a few of these and I sincerely hope your entire list isn’t full of them.

It’s true, the people we spend the most time with, add up to who we become….so how do those 1’s & 2’s make you feel?

Write it down…take your time and really be honest with yourself.

Here’s the deal…If you spend time with the people are behind you, they will drag you down to their level, and with it, your success.  

When you spend time with people ahead of you, no matter how challenging and intimidating that might feel, they will pull you up to their level.

You’ll see the possibilities for yourself and be inspired.

Take a look at who you surround yourself with, and see if you need to make any changes.




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