False Beliefs Are Holding You Back

Entrepreneur Mindset: Your False Beliefs Are Holding You Back

In this post I’m discussing the importance of your beliefs and how they affect your performance as an entrepreneur.  I’ve even included a short exercise that you can do to shift your beliefs so they support you.

Like it or not, your false beliefs are holding you back from being successful as an entrepreneur.  Let’s dive into why and what you can do to get rid of the ones that no longer serve you.

Your beliefs are the product of your environment.

Growing up we were all influenced by our parents and our peers…these people passed on their personal beliefs which were handed to them in much the same way.

You are lucky if those beliefs handed to you are positive ones

Many of us weren’t that lucky…however the good news is that you have the power to change those beliefs

Our beliefs get programmed into our brains, our emotions and our feelings.

The result is that they influence our actions…what we do and don’t do…the choices we make and so on.

I’ll bet that if you are still reading this you have some beliefs that are stopping you from doing something…am I right?

It’s important to interrupt your false beliefs which are holding you back.

The choice is yours…start questioning those beliefs and looking for new ones that will support you.  


How to get rid of those false beliefs that are holding you back

A great way to disrupt those false beliefs is this simple exercise I learned from Shad Hemstetter’s book What to Say When you Talk To Yourself (*this is an affiliate link)

31 days of positive self talk exercise – Adapted from Shad Hemstetter:

  • You’ll need 31 index cards
  • Make a list of the negative beliefs you currently have going on – brainstorm them on a page and try to create 31 one of them…
  • One one side you will write the day # and a question to change a false belief – make it positive and present tense.
  • On the back side write a response to the question…

Here’s an example:  

  • Day #1:  What can I do today to make myself mindful of my self talk?  
  • Today I choose to stop what I am doing and remind myself to be more mindful of what I say to myself

When you have created your cards, put them on your desk and read one every day – put it out there where you can see it.  

Let me know if your false beliefs are holding you back?  What are they and what are you going to do to change them? 


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