Miracle Morning all day long

How to have a Miracle Morning all day long

I am a person who has learned to begin my day filled with optimism.  You won’t find me in bed past 7 or 8 am  – even on the weekends!

For  a lot of you,  the day starts  and you find your mornings are a mad rush to get yourself and your family ready and out the door.

By the time you reach the  your workspace (even if you work at home)  you’ve probably already dealt with the stress of family and just  getting yourself up and running. Unless your morning goes perfectly, you’ll carry all that stress along with you and it will be reflected in everything you do or create.

While I don’t have an issue with getting out of bed or being optimistic – at least most of the time, I do have those days where I have dreaded the morning and what I was facing when I stepped into my office.

Last year I discovered a wonderful book called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.

I discovered after reading this book that by creating a morning ritual it is possible to  consistently start my mornings off feeling great!

Try these Miracle Morning rituals  each day of the week or combine them.

Either way, you’ll be prepared to make it a great day.

Make sure you have your Miracle Morning plan in place and look it over the night before. 

Why start your Miracle Morning unorganized?

If you organize your to-do-list, breakfast menu and your clothes the night before, you’ll wake up feeling in control and relaxed. Taking 20 minutes to lay out everything can save you a 30-minute fashion crisis or search for the car keys. With a little efficiency, you’ll save the frustration and scrambling, leaving you ready to tackle more important issues.

1.  Set your alarm and get out of bed!

Do it before anyone gets out of bed so you can have this time to yourself.

I personally love the mornings when I am the first person out of bed.  There is a certain calmness that I experience when I am the only one awake in the house.

2.  Start by meditating.  

Just taking 10 minutes to sit in silence helps to you to take some time to look inward and just observe what comes up.

You might be afraid that your meditation session early in the morning will put you back to sleep. Adopting a morning  meditation ritual stimulates your brain in a deep and thoughtful way. Meditation will help you to clear distractions from your mind and purge negative energy. Center yourself with thoughtful introspection or prayer and be open to the positive energy the world brings your way.

3.  Spend time reading – devote  10 minutes in the morning each day and you will find that you have read a lot of books by the end of this year.  

Part of my morning ritual easily allows for reading first thing. Many read the news, which can be a depressing way to start the day. I do read the newspaper but I am VERY selective on what I read and doing that helps me to stay positive.   I never ever watch the new as you cannot control what you watch.

I’m sure you have a few books sitting around that are uplifting, inspiring, or even funny that will energize and put you in a positive mood.

4. Practice Visualization.

Do you have a vision board?

If you want to be inspired every day you should have a vision board that reflects what your goals and visions are for your life.  Spending time  – just 10 minutes a day looking at your visions of what you want to create and closing your eyes and feel what it would be like to manifest these things in your life.

Studies have shown that when you visualize you trigger the Reticular Activator in your brain and then you start to see opportunities where you weren’t able to before.

5.  Exercise or practice yoga.   Get up and get moving!  

Exercise is a perfect way to wake your mind and body up, and you’ll end up feeling more energized. I find that some of my best ideas for my business and especially for writing come while I am working out.

6.  Journal – grab one and start writing.  

Start each day by writing your gratitudes.

I was introduced to this concept and given a gratitude journal at a Jack Canfield event many years ago. I’ve been doing this religiously for years now and even when I was facing some pretty serious stuff in my life this practice served to get me in a good frame of mind each day. I have even woken up in the night and journaled my way through some pretty difficult times.

It has helped me to be able to examine situations put things into perspective allowing me to move forward in a more positive way.

Creating a Miracle Morning ritual not only helps you get started each day in a positive way, it helps can you to transform your day AND your life.

If you want to experience more happiness, productivity and make a dent in your reading list, I suggest you give this a try!  And if you really want to be inspired, check out http://themiraclemorning.com, Hal Elrod has a amazing story to share.

Need a book to read to help you create your Miracle Morning then grab your copy over there too!




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