List Building with Snap by Infusionsoft

Automate Your List Building with Snap by Infusionsoft

Use Snap by Infusionsoft app on your phone to gather contacts at your next networking event to simplify your list building.

I have a number of clients set up with automated networking follow-up campaigns where entering the contact information is still done manually. This cool new app by Infusionsoft is going to pretty much automate the entire  networking list building process and save both time and money for my clients.

Here is how it helps you automate your list building efforts:

  • You attend a networking event and collect a card from someone who wants to join your list
  • You simply take a photo of that business card using on your smart phone
  • The information is automatically entered into your Infusionsoft account as a contact record
  • From there you can tag that contact record and start them on your infusionsoft marketing campaign

I love this because I estimate that this will save my clients both time and money.

Here’s how we set up a speaking event list building campaign in Infusionsoft

  • List building campaigns for networking and speaking engagements are set up in Infusionsoft  using an input form  where we manually enter in the business card information for each new contact.
  • The client attends a networking event or speaking engagement and collects cards from people who have indicated that they want to be followed up with.
  • Sometimes these cards can sit on their desk for almost up to a week before they can find the time to scan and send them to us.
  • We then have a team member enter the information into the input form and the turnaround time from receiving the scanned cards is another 1-2 days.
  • And depending on the number of cards this can take up to an hour of  time.  Sometimes we even have to go back to the client and have them re-scan if the first scan wasn’t of good quality further delaying the entry of the names.

The key here is to start connecting with contacts with while they are hot.
This app easily cuts that time in half and saves you money.

Never let those business cards stack up on your desk again.  You can easily use this app to capture first name, last name, phone, email, company, address and notes right from your smartphone – anytime, anywhere.  Save both time and money with this new app that will help you take those business systems you’ve built and automate them even further!

Get started right here with automating your list building using Snap today.

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