Implementation Matters

Mindset And Productivity: Why Implementation Matters

I have to say that implementation is hands down the #1 thing you must do to grow your business.

Sounds easy right?

Maybe not….

The shocking reality is that only about 2% of you out there are implementing.   So if you are in this 2% count yourself lucky and take a moment right now to congratulate yourself.

Haven’t you listened to coaching where you get about 1/2 through (or even 1/4) of the way through and the coach starts congratulating and motivating you on your progress?

The hard reality is that only about 2% make it to the end of training they purchase and even fewer than that actually implement what they’ve learned.

Trust me, I know I’ve been in both the 2% and the 98% groups myself.

So if you are serious about building your business you need to get yourself into that 2% and start implementing what you’ve learned.

Probably the biggest reason people do not implement is because of mindset and then after that is technical ability and time.

I was listening to Hal Elrod’s podcast ( and he says that if something is really important to you then you will make time to make it happen.

Why aren’t you implementing?  Is it fear, time or lack of skills?

It upsets me that every year people spend millions of dollars on coaching and never implementing what they’ve learned!

I have realized that my mission, my purpose is to help more people build their business through implementation.

I see a real need for people to get the help they need to make their vision a reality.

Trust me this can be a daunting thing for most people and I’ve struggled even with this myself.  For a long time I did not do what I asked my clients to do – list building, follow up marketing, blog posting ect…  And when I did these basic things, my business began to shift dramatically.

I’m not going to lie and say it shifted overnight, because in truth it takes hard work and perseverance to build a business.  And yes there were times that I questioned myself too.

The good news is that I plugged through and am now beginning to see that this is paying off.  And I see this with my clients who are committed as well.

What’s your vision and what are you going to do today to get started?




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