1 thing you gotta do before a launch

The number 1 thing you gotta do before a launch

We’re in the final countdown before a launch…

Watch this short video do see what the number 1 thing you gotta do before a launch – just CLICK on the image here to start watching:

The number 1 thing you gotta do before a launch

You might think I’m OCD but I have worked on systems development for years and trust me I know the importance of doing this.

Making sure everything works without a hitch and your customer experience is key.  You only have one opportunity to impress so make sure you don’t over look this step!

Watch the video here:  https://www.facebook.com/KristenPoborskyMBA/videos/10154348023114292/

Go check out the guys over at Indie Rock on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/indierockinc  They are generating a big buzz in the past week and will be launching their first product with a LIVE session on Monday July 4th.

Stay tuned and I’ll follow up next week with another live presentation on Facebook to let you know how it all went.



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