Opt in strategies that convert

List Building – Opt In strategies that convert

If you’re serious about improving your list building efforts, then you’ll want to make that you know the opt in strategies that convert your visitors to your list and that you have them set up on your site

Opt-in strategies that converts tip #1: 

Create a website opt-in box gives you the opportunity to collect the names and email addresses for people that visit your website and want to continue to continue to hear from you. And you don’t want to just any old, boring opt in offer. 

Ideally, you need a strategic website opt-in box that will get the attention of your ideal clients and help them with a problem or need they have right at that moment.

Placement – where is the ideal spot to place your opt-in offer?

On the upper right hand side of your site and above the fold.  That is because our eyes are trained scan from left to right.

What’s the best way to entice someone to sign up for your list?

Opt in strategies that converts tip #2: 

Give away something of value for free that solves a problem that your ideal client is struggling with.  Some people like to call this an IFO or Irresistible Free Offer.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Create a 5 page report that solves their problem.  Always include a call to action and more information about you and your services.
  • Create a single or series of training videos.
  • If you have a book, then give them a sneak peak at a chapter.
  • Or, if you have an audio with valuable content, then offer that.

If your opt-in rate starts to slow down, then it is time to consider creating a new IFO.  Ideally you should have multiple free offers at any one time set up on your site and rotate those offers through your social media.

The best way to entice your ideal client to opt-in is to create something of high value.  Remember this is your only chance to wow them and if you create something lousy, they will never read another thing that you send to them.  So take the time to create something really good!

Opt in strategies that converts tip #3:

Create a graphic for your opt-in offer.

What should your offer look like on your website?

Graphics convert better than words so you will want to have a graphic professionally designed for your offer.  And do make sure you give people instant access to what you have promised to give them.

Once you build your opt-in offer you will then want to follow up with your audience the right way.   Get all of the information on building your list  on this handy resource page I’ve created:  How to build an email list.




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