Opt In Tips To Turbo Charge Your Conversions

List Building Tip: Two Simple Opt In Tips To Turbo Charge Your Conversions

How many opt in offers do you have?

I’m guessing most of you probably have only 1 or maybe 2 at the most.

That’s okay if you have only a couple of products you want to sell and your range of topics on your blog is narrow.

I’m not telling you that you need a lot of opt in offers, in fact quantity doesn’t equal quality or a big list.  But your offers do need to relate directly to what you are blogging about and what services and products you offer otherwise they won’t do a darned thing to help you build a big list.

I’ve found that when I put an opt in offer on a blog post that directly relates to the subject matter on the post, it helps to build my list FAST.

You should too be doing this too.

Opt In Tip #1

Put your opt in offer into the body of the copy of your post.

Readers are skimmers and oftentimes they do not read all the way through to the end of your post and you want to put an offer in front of them as soon as possible in your post

However when you put it into the body of the post you don’t add the entire offer with the graphic.

Instead, you want to use shorter text box with benefit driven copy as the lead to your offer.

Do it just like this….

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Simple as that!

And you see how I wrote the copy so it just fit naturally into my post?  Yes, that’s all you do and lead them with how your offer is going to benefit them, not what the offer is.

Opt In Tip #2

Add your related offer along with a graphic at the end of your post.

Again you want to only lead with the benefit that you think is most likely to get your reader to click and go to your landing page.  In this case you can make the copy a bit longer and have a graphic that shows the benefit of what you are offering.

Just like this example…

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Done and done!

Two simple ways you can turbo charge your conversions and be on your way to building a BIG list.

Opt In Tip #1:  Add your offer early on in every post

Opt In Tip #2:  Add your offer and graphic at the end of every post

Bonus Opt In Tip:  Make sure your offer is directly related to your post topic and build your list FAST.

Take action and go into all of your old posts and make sure you add your opt in offers into your copy and at the end of your posts.




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