Short Burst List Building Strategy

How to Use The Short Burst List Building Strategy

Of course you do not want to abandon the consistent slow and steady list building strategy you already have in place.  However it is good to plan a few times each year where you focus completely on building your list using the short planned burst method

So…what exactly is the short burst list building strategy?

It’s really a very simple strategy that you can add into your yearly business planning.

1.  Dedicate a month or two to building traffic and list building each year

During this time, put together a well planned strategy in place for building your list. Because you take the time plan it out, you can create something new and fresh that generates buzz and excitement around your brand.  I would allow at least 3 months lead time prior to setting up your short burst.

 Examples of  the short burst list building strategy:

  • Live Your Message –  Every year Marisa Murgatroyd hosts 3-4 summits to generate buzz around topics important to her tribe.  One of them is the Traffic Superhero Summit and you can check it out right here:

So get inspired with these examples and be creative, don’t copy them. Come up with something that YOU can create to generate buzz and serve your tribe.

2.  Tactics for your short burst list building strategy

On the tactical side you can execute your list building, traffic generating short burt by doing the following:

  • Hosting a live webinar or livestream where you interview several gurus on your topic.
  • Run a contest
  • Do a joint venture
  • Run ads to your opt-in from social media or google.

3. Rinse and repeat your short burst list building strategy

Yes that’s right, don’t just do it once.  Now that you’ve built it, leverage your short burst.  Both of the examples above have leveraged their short burst methods by adding them into their yearly business plans.

Keep your short burst list building strategy fresh by adding in new content each year and by repurposing the content.  Marisa invites new gurus to present at her super hero summits each year.    Nathalie Lussier  took her 30 day list building challenge and turned it into a book that you can buy over on Amazon right here.

I have a short burst list building strategy built into my business calendar for 2014 and am in the planning stages right now.  Get all of the information on building your list  on this handy resource page I’ve created:  How to build an email list.

How about you?  Are you inspired to try this out – leave me a comment and let me know!

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