Stay on top

Success: How to stay on top

Once you get your first taste of success, you want to keep experiencing it over and over again. I seen entrepreneurs become successful only to burn themselves out trying to keep up the frantic pace they think is necessary.

It’s important to set your level of achievement in your business to  support you so that your success is both satisfying and maintainable.

This is where having a plan and goals are important and being mindful that you don’t go about working at a breakneck speed day in and day out.  And to that end, having a support team that is experienced at building the right foundations for you business is equally important.

Knowing what you need and at what stage is the question I get asked all the time by prospective clients.  If you’re a business or a life coach, you want to focus your time around the following activities:

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Coaching

Your team should be  building and managing all of the systems needed  to support these activities and the rest of your business, including the following:

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Product and Program  – set up and management
  • Marketing – both online and off line
  • Customer Service
  • Administrative/Support

This list is a very high-level and broad sweep of things you need to have in place and running smoothly in your business.  There are many more parts and pieces that go into building the right systems for your business.  And, your needs will change an grow as you build your business.  In order to grow, you need these foundational pieces in place and running smoothly or your  business will fall apart like a house of cards.

Done right and in the hands of the right team you can build a business that is both successful and satisfying.


Wondering If You Are Ready to Create an Online Course?

One of the questions I get from my clients and students when thinking about creating an online course is “should I create a digital course?”

The answer I give depends on where you are in your business and how you want to use it to grow to the next level — which is why I’ve put together this quick and easy 2-minute quiz to help you figure out if you’re ready!