Guide to the number 2 most popular blog post

The Video Post: Your guide to the number 2 most popular blog post

Want to quickly build trust and engagement with your audience?

Nothing solidifies trust faster than having your audience see your face and hearing your voice.

Video blogging is a goldmine.

It’s second only to the list post in popularity these days according to research from the folks at

popular post research from MOZBased this research the list post gets an average of 10k and the video blog comes in second with an average of 8.5k shares.  Not bad and it certainly makes a case for getting in front of your video camera at least once or twice a month!

Your Guide to the Number Two Most Popular Post

1.  Entertain and be yourself

A great way for you to build trust is simply be yourself and don’t be afraid to make mistakes in front of the camera.  Plenty of people do and it just shows your audience you are human and helps them relate more to you.

Smile and be energetic.  Take a few minutes before you start shooting to jump up and down to get your blood pumping and put on a full smile – you’ll sparkle, look alive and happy.

No one is entertained by someone speaking with dull eyes and a monotonous voice.

2.  Get plenty of light

Getting enough light is the most critical step and goes a long way to making your video look professional.  Nothing says unprofessional than a dark video.

I personally bought a lighting kit on Amazon from Cowboy Studios for around $60 that give me plenty of light in my dark office.

I shot this short video to show you what the difference it can make!

You can pick up the same lighting kit I bought right here on Amazon:

The Lavalier and Microphone are both from Audio Technica.  The Lavalier is $25 and perfect for getting started:

If you decide you want to spend a bit more to get super professional sound $90 then get the microphone here:

(note this is an  affliate link)

3.  Check Your Sound

Invest in a lavalier microphone so your sound is crisp in clear.  You can find plenty of great ones over on Amazon for under $50 and a highly recommended brand is Audio Technica.

The Lavalier and Microphone are both from Audio Technica.  The Lavalier is $25 and perfect for getting started:

If you decide you want to spend a bit more to get super professional sound $90 then get the microphone here:

(note these links are affliate links)

4.  Plan what you are going to say

Just like writing your blog post you want to take some time and write out what you want to say on your post.  Some people like to use a teleprompter, I’m more inclined to want to “wing it” and I don’t mind having a few out takes.

5.  Filming & Editing

I personally like to use my iPhone and a small tripod  or QuickTime player on my Mac to film my video.  Then as far as editing, I really don’t spend any time editing unless I feel that I need to make some cuts and then I use my Mac to do that.

I really try to keep this as simple as possible!

6.  Where to post

I first upload to YouTube, then embed it on my blog post and write content around the video. I like to put an intro, a short conclusion and CTA if the post is mainly contained in the video.

Sometimes the video is just part of the blog post and then I’ll insert it say if I am doing a demonstration into the post.

Then once the blog post is done and published, I go ahead and promote it out on all of my social media platforms using the share buttons EXCEPT for Facebook.

Instead, I take the video and upload it directly into Facebook so it will play on my Facebook page and get better engagement.  I’ll also write copy to go with the video on Facebook.

Last but not least, I put the video blog post into rotation out on social media using Social Oomph – my favorite tool for handling my social media campaigns.

Take advantage of the power of video blogging for your business.

It’s a potent tool that will help you spread your visibility and can take your blog, and business, to the next level.

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