7 Smart Instagram Hashtags Tricks & Tips

Traffic Tip: 7 Smart Instagram Hashtags Tricks & Tips

That’s right, using the right hashtags on your Instagram account will get you more visibility & traffic…if you do it right.

I’ve had great success over Instagram this past month adding 1800+ followers to a brand new account because I set up and used my hashtags to help gain visibility with my account.

Not only was I able to add a big following to my own account, I used the same 7 smart Instagram hashtag tricks and tips to 3 other accounts all of which are now getting 50-100 targeted followers a day.

These 3 client accounts are all different business models each with a different ideal clients so these tips will work for your business too.  One is a Real Estate Agent located in Las Vegas, one is an Intuitive Life Coach located in Sacramento CA and the third is a Marriage & Family Therapist located in Orange County CA.

I built my success using these 7 smart Instagram hashtag tips

Wait!  Before you get started make sure you have these 3 things in place:

  1. Make sure your bio tells visitors what you do and how you can help them
  2. Include a call to action and link them directly to your free offer
  3. Take them to a landing page and make your offer.  Make sure your landing page isn’t “gated” or you will loose that valuable traffic
  4. Research and start using hashtags right away.

Here’s what I did that immediately got me started right with hashtags and gave me instant visibility and a jump-start on targeted followers.

Here’s the 7 smart Instagram Hashtag tips to get you started…

?include 30 hashtags on your content for maximum visibility – do this on EVERY piece of content you post on Instagram.

?Switch up your hashtags – you want to make sure they are appropriate for the type of post

?Spend time researching hashtags – don’t just use the most popular hashtags, your content will not be able to rise to the top and make you visible
?set up your hashtags using icloud notes for easy access.  No matter what device you are using, you will have quick and easy access to those hashtags when you need them.

?Add your hashtags to the end of a post if it is short.  Do this using periods to separate them from your content or go in and add to the first comment right after you post.  You won’t want to wait to add your hashtags because you’ll get more juice from them if you add to the post or in the first comment.

?Add your hashtags in the first comment – If you are doing a longer post, you will have to add them into the first comment as there won’t be enough room in the post to add at the end.  So set a timer on your phone to remind yourself when your post is scheduled to go out.

?Use your hashtag research to find influencers in your niche – study their feeds, bios to see what they are doing. Incorporate, don’t plagiarize what influencers are doing into your own feed.  Make your feed and your words uniquely yours

So back over to you…. What are the successes you’ve had growing your following using hashtags?

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