The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook

Facebook is the world’s largest social network today and if you approach it correctly, it can be a good source of leads for your business.

Figuring out how to start with Facebook can seem overwhelming for new or even the most seasoned marketers. However if you are serious about getting in front of a larger audience you cannot overlook the power of Facebook.

One thing to note, is that you need be realistic about your list growth on Facebook, it is a much  slower process than either Twitter or LinkedIn.

Here is a quick beginner’s guide to Facebook marketing

1.  Build Your Fan Base 

No matter what business you own, what products or services you sell, you need to build a fan base. You need a certain number of followers. How many you should have depends on your target market. A local roofing company can do well with a thousand followers while an e-cig company selling across the country would need far more.

To build a fan base, you need a business profile or page and then you need to engage your audience so they start liking your page, eventually following you closely. You can get started by buying a few fans which will automatically set the ball rolling and more fans will join in. Else, you can invest a fair few months to slowly get some fans.

Tip:  Want to get more likes? Download your contacts and invite them to like your page. Make sure you have great content on your page before you do this!

Tip:  Continue to build your personal page with a miz of business and personal connections.  You can and should create a lists to segregate the two and be sure to invite both your personal and business connections to like your page.

2.  Be Consistent With Your Content

Being visible is the key to marketing on any social platform. Like Twitter and LinkedIn, you need to be consistently visible and not just to your fans but on your personal page as well.

The more visible you are, the more fans you are likely to generate.

Tip:  Boost your most popular posts to get more visability.

Tip:  Be sure to put your business posts on your personal and your business page.  You never know where your engagement will come from.  And if you can help someone somewhere you have made a difference!

Tip:  Be a good content curator, don’t just share your own stuff, share content from other sources that may be of interest to your fans.

3.  Be Engaging!

Share interesting content, create posts that will get responses, find and share popular content. All of these are important parts of building engagement with your audience.  When you put content out there be sure to add your own comentary, doing this can make a difference between getting a response or none at all!

Engaging your audience is imperative if you want to reach out to more people and intend to make a positive impact with your propositions.

Tip:  Add your comments on currated content, don’t be afraid to say what you really think even if it is controversial.   Having an opinion is okay but do remember to be polite!

Tip:  Wondering what a post that is likely to drive more engagement looks like?

Check out this inforgraphic: 

Blueprint for the Perfect Facebook Post

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