Success Story: How We Grew a Podcast and Its Companion YouTube Channel

How we grew a podcast and its companion youtube channel

Find out how we grew a podcast and its companion YouTube channel organically along with often-asked questions about podcasting and how to get started. Listen where I share our latest success story where I give you the details on what we did to grow this podcast from 19 downloads to over 1700 downloads and we […]

Help! I don’t have time or a team to create content

In this video, I cover what to do if you’re stuck thinking Help! I don’t have time or a team to help me create content. One of the biggest mistakes content creators make is wasting time creating content and they give up thinking they have to have a team to create content…but here’s the deal, […]

Behind The Scenes of My Entire Content Creation Process

Behind the Scenes of My Entire content creation process

In this video, I take you behind the scenes of my entire content creation process. This is my rapid content creation process that I have designed to help my clients and students in my Smart Simple Content Marketing + Automation Course reduce their content creation time by at least 50%. So if you are struggling […]

How to Take Photos of Yourself Without a Photographer

Take High Quality Photos of Myself Without a Photographer

The last time I had a professional photo of me for my business was in 2018 it cost me well over $300 and all I got was a single headshot…then two years later we went into lockdown and getting professional photos taken was no longer an option. What frustrated me so much was that single […]

How to Create YouTube Thumbnails That Standout And Get You Noticed

How to Create YouTube Thumbnails That Standout And Get You Noticed

If you’re not getting the views you want on YouTube then you’ll want to take a look at your thumbnail images because that is the first thing people see when browsing content on Youtube. And if your thumbnail images aren’t helping you to stand out and get noticed you’re going to have a hard time […]

How to create client-attracting content

how create client attracting content

Are you wanting to create enticing content that gets you in front of your ideal client but are having a tough time finding ideas or time to create content? If so, you’ll want to watch this video where I share what kind of content you need to create to stand out along with three simple […]

4 Hacks to INSTANTLY Look Natural on Video

4 Hacks to INSTANTLY Look Natural on Video

I’m wanting to talk to you about INSTANTLY Look Natural on Video (4 Simple Hacks).  When you show up calm, relaxed, and natural you show up like the authority you are and build trust with your audience. I’m really excited to talk to you about these tips because I’ve personally used them myself… And I […]

What Is the Fastest Way to Create Social Media Content?

social media content

Are you finding that it’s taking way longer than you would like to create social media content?  Or, maybe you’re putting off creating social media content because you just don’t have the time?  You probably already know that you need to be out on social media but you haven’t found a FAST way to create […]

5 Easy Ways to Repurpose Your Content

repurpose your content

You might be wondering…how do I get more mileage out of my content without doing more work? One of the smartest things I’ve learned to implement in my business and teach to thousands of students in my Content 12x Maximizer program is how to repurpose content. Today I’m sharing 5 easy ways that you can […]