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The Seven Secrets to Taking Your Blog Post Viral

Last updated:  March 15th 2016

When it comes to taking your blog post viral which is more important, killer content or fabulous SEO?

Which is the bigger draw to increasing traffic to your website? It’s probably fair to say that this isn’t an either/or conversation but really a way to help you capitalize on both.

I’ve got 7 timeless tips for taking your blog post to that next level and helping it reach viral status.

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7 Secrets to Help Your Blog Post Go Viral

Secret #1: Write your post with passion

Some of the best blog post I’ve read are the ones where that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and and I see that the writer truly believes in what they are writing about.

The lesson here is that if your subject doesn’t excite and thrill you, it probably won’t excite anyone else.  And I personally find that if I can’t get behind the subject I’m writing about it takes me what seems like forever to write it!

Be passionate about your topics and that message will come out to your readers.

Secret #2: Don’t be long winded

It’s okay to have a lot to say, and it is okay to say it all in your blog post.

But be careful when you do so. Find the best words to describe your thoughts in as few words as possible.

Be concise. And break up long periods of text with images or sub titles or bold copy.

Your readers need variety, be aware of that as you create your posts.  Make your content scannable and remember that several short paragraphs are more likely to be read than 1 long one.

Be sure to break up your content with great images or even better add a video.

I know my eyes start to cross when I look at paragraphs that have run on sentences or just plain too much copy.  Reading online is much different than reading a book.

Book readers expect lots of copy, online readers expect to be able to scan and then read what interests them in more detail after the initial scan.

Secret #3: Don’t skimp on your research

Spend the time to do your research and know your topic well.

Did you ever try to write a college paper where you ran out of time to research it so you spent 5 pages trying to make your professor believe you knew what you were talking about?

Did it work?

It won’t work with your readers either. Gather lots of resources, read a lot, get various opinions and then format your post with your own thoughts added in.

Secret #4: Be authentic

Stop guessing what you think people want you to say or how they want you to say it.

Don’t read multiple blogs and try to copy their style of writing.

Be yourself!

Follow this piece of  advice,  know your subject matter well and if you are passionate about it, allow your own voice take control in the writing.

Be authentic and honest and your readers love you. No one else is going to have your same voice and your same angle.

Secret #5: Target the emotions

When creating your angle and perspective, don’t be afraid to be a little edgy. In all the years I’ve been working with clients I’ve found that the ones who aren’t afraid to state their opinions have the best results.

Readers are drawn to posts that make them feel something.

Emotions that will draw out feeling from your audience are anger, anxiety, fear, surprise, etc. Find out a way to add emotion into your blog post.

If your reader feels they are missing out on something or being accused of doing something wrong, they are more likely to read it to see why you feel the way you do.

Secret #6: Write headlines that count

Your headline is often the first thing your reader sees and can determine whether or not they continue reading your blog post.

Take the time to create your headline and put thought into it. I like to write about 10-20 different headlines and then sleep on it before making my final choice.

After you have your headline list, step away and come back the next day and look at it again.   Be unique as possible and be specific.

Use the headline to show your readers why they NEED to read what you have to say.

Secret #7: Wrap it up with action steps

Although your headline and first paragraph are probably the most important parts of your post to get right, your conclusion at the end of your blog post follows close behind.

Use those action steps to wrap up what you had to say so that your reader will end with those concise points and remember what you taught them.

Think of it as your “take-away moment”.

What do you want them to most take from your post and are you presenting it in a way that allows them to remember it?

Before you write your next blog post, take out a little card and write these seven steps on it:

  1. Write with passion
  2. Don’t be long-winded
  3. Research
  4. Be authentic
  5. Target the emotions
  6. Killer Headlines
  7. Action Steps

Keep this list next to your computer as a good reminder and refer to it often.

Your readers will thank you.

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