Build a Business: Learn from others

Smart business owners get a coach and a team to help them get their businesses up and running.

In the 4+ years I have been in this business I have observed that the most successful people have a coach and a team help them build and run their businesses.

So much time and money is wasted when you attempt to build a business all on your own.  Did you know that you could cut your learning curve by almost 90% when you learn and from both the positive and negative experiences of others?  Yes that’s right!

Haven’t you heard the saying that experience is the best teacher?

Well, your own experience isn’t necessarily the best teacher; it most often is the hardest and most painful teacher.

Do yourself a favor and find yourself a great business coach and a team experienced in building a business and take the easier road to success. So many people try to do it all themselves only to end up nowhere, frustrated and burned out.

Read books on building businesses and invest in your training.  I know, I have done this myself and doing this has catapulted my business farther than I could have imagined. I make it a point to invest in my training every year and I always have a book on my nightstand that is business related.

As a result of learning, I find myself excited and full of ideas to make my client’s and my businesses better. Every year I pick a theme and somehow the training and books that I am drawn to are a reflection to the theme I picked.  This year is the year of systems and because of this I have pretty much overhauled my business and as a result I am more relaxed and able to be more strategic.

I started out 4 years ago positioning myself as a techie, learning shopping carts and WordPress when was new to this business.  Right now I am transitioning into my vision for 2014 by taking Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Course.  I know that this is going to be a game changer for how I run my own and my client’s businesses.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to become a life long learner.

What are you going to learn? Who are you going to learn from?  Who are you going to choose to help you build your business?




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