What Income Can I Make With My Course?

What Income Can I Make With An Online Course

Many of you who are thinking about creating an online course might be wondering…what income can I make with an online course? I recently did a webinar where I shared with my attendees how much money they could make per hour if they were to replace their 1:1 services with a course. It was an […]

Entrepreneur Mindset: Learn from the past but don’t dwell on it…

Entrepreneur Mindset: Learn from the past but don’t dwell on it

In business and in life we all learn valuable lessons. Some easy and some hard… I’ve found that it is important to take the lessons I’ve learned and use them wisely to grow and get better at what I do. The trick is to make sure that you learn from the past and don’t end […]

Infusionsoft Tip & Tricks: Creating a Simple Lead Capture Form

How to Create a Simple Lead Capture Form With Infusionsoft

If you’re an Infusionsoft application owner you may be wondering how to improve your marketing to your leads. You may already know that building email list so that you can market and sell to your prospects is one of your most important marketing activities. It is the easiest way for you to build a relationship […]

11 crucial elements your home page needs

11 crucial elements your home page needs

I want you to think of your website’s home page’s primary job is to conduct an interview for you.   Every time someone visits your home page they are doing the following. Critiquing what your site looks like. Critiquing your copy. Establishing an opinion of whether or not you can help them solve their most pressing […]

Nine Website Development Mistakes You Should Never Make

9 website mistakes you should never make

  Whether you have an existing website or are planning to build a new website,  it’s important that you put some thought into it. According to 2019 small business statistics from G2 Crowd, 83% of business owners feel that having a website will give them a competitive advantage. I have to agree with these statistics. […]

Why you don’t want to use google to your create content plan

Why you don't want to use google to create your content plan

I’ve helped clients and students plan and create thousands of pieces of content and here’s why you don’t want to use google to create your content plan. Yes, I am bullish on having a content plan and not just one that is made up out of your head…Here’s the deal. When you research your topics […]

How to Build A Powerful Content Calendar For Your Business

How to build a powerful content calendar

I’m adamant that you must make it a priority to build a powerful content calendar for your business. In this post I’ll share a few compelling reasons why and give you a look at my fool-proof 3-step process that I’ve used to plan thousands of blogs for my clients. Let me share a statistic with […]

Why you need to create content with a purpose

Create content with a purpose

I want to chat with you here about why you need to create content with a purpose. You might be wondering…what? All of my content has a purpose… What I am referring to is that you should focus on creating content that helps to market and grow your business based upon your particular needs. Now […]

The Busy Person’s Guide to Repurposing Content

guide to repurposing content

I’ve found a simple way to take a single piece of content and turn it into 4+ forms so I can reach more people. In this post, I share my simple guide to repurposing content. Let’s start with a pop quiz for you today… which of these statements do you agree with? I hate creating […]

3 Easy Ways to Update Your Content

3 simple ways to update your content

If you’re stressed out and putting off creating new content for your blog that’s probably the worst thing you can do…instead you want to find an easier way to stay engaged with your audience. I used to be guilty of never updating my content and if you’re feeling like you shouldn’t update your content because […]