Building Your Business Doesn’t Require a PhD

One of my friends sent me a link to an article the other day that got me thinking. I have heard the same thing from so many prospective clients too and what is going on here?

Here’s the short version of the article:

“I am so frustrated with my VA, she  keeps missing things.”   Or more commonly in this biz, “I have worked with 3 VA’s and I still haven’t found the right person.”

The post goes on to say that this is a red flag and goes deeper into the conversation.   She specifically them for examples of why they are having this issue.  

What she most often uncovers is that the issue is that the client doesn’t have a strategic business plan to build their business and they end up blaming the VA for the lack of success or progress.

I couldn’t agree more!

How do you get from point A to point B without a roadmap?  

You can’t without getting lost. One of the most important things you need  is to have a strategic plan in place to run your business and here’s the good news:

Building your business doesn’t require a PhD

It’s really quite simple:  it’s is all about getting back to basics, your commitment, and being consistent. 

All it takes is a simple strategy:

→ A website to showcase your services and/or product(s)

→ A plan in place where you create high-quality content for your website and social media…

→ Automate your content marketing so you don’t waste time doing it all yourself.

→ Make more offers = more sales

→ A strategic email marketing plan in place where you stay top of mind

Do you need a fancy website?  Nope.

Do you need to be out there 24/7 selling your stuff everywhere online?  Nope.

It’s all about following this simple strategy that really works and no, it’s not rocket science either.  

You can get the basics from education like sales training that could provide you with strategies to get started

Stop thinking that you have to be everywhere and all things to all people.  Just stick to the basics and remember to be yourself.  Listen closely to your soul and find your voice.  You’ll know when you do because things will start to happen.

Website + Opt-in + Automated Marketing + Consistent Content Creation = Success

The most important thing you have to remember is that it takes commitment and it (success) doesn’t just happen magically overnight.  

I heard this originally from people I respect as internet marketers and I have seen it happen with my own eyes.

The people who end up being successful in this business master the basics and they keep on doing it because it works.  They don’t give up when it seems tough and the results aren’t what they would like.  They know that they are in it for the long term and just keep at it.

It’s time for all of us to get back to the basics and stick with the plan.

What’s holding you back from your success?


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