Launching Flourishing Over Fifty with Jen Rigley

Launching Flourishing Over Fifty

 I am excited to share today’s success story told by Jen Rigley who is going to share the story of launching Flourishing Over Fifty with the help of Smart Simple Content Marketing + Automation. Jen is the founder and creator of a brand called Flourishing Over Fifty whose mission is to provide resources, support and […]

Entrepreneur Mindset: Learn from the past but don’t dwell on it…

Entrepreneur Mindset: Learn from the past but don’t dwell on it

In business and in life we all learn valuable lessons. Some easy and some hard… I’ve found that it is important to take the lessons I’ve learned and use them wisely to grow and get better at what I do. The trick is to make sure that you learn from the past and don’t end […]

Entrepreneur Mindset: Use Teamwork to Accomplish More

Use Teamwork to Accomplish More

In this post, I share my heard learned lessons learned about how to use teamwork to accomplish more in your business. I was listening to Darren Hardy’s daily video about success the other day, he was kicking off a series on team building and he mentioned that teams should emulate ducks… He threw out a […]

Entrepreneur Mindset: happiness is a daily choice

Happiness is a daily choice

In this post I’m talking why happiness is a daily choice, not only does it help you feel better but it helps you to be more successful. Now you might think I’m crazy but… I’ve worked with all types of entrepreneurs and small business owners so I’ve gotten to see how having a good state of mind […]