Launching Flourishing Over Fifty

Launching Flourishing Over Fifty with Jen Rigley

 I am excited to share today’s success story told by Jen Rigley who is going to share the story of launching Flourishing Over Fifty with the help of Smart Simple Content Marketing + Automation.

Jen is the founder and creator of a brand called Flourishing Over Fifty whose mission is to provide resources, support and inspiration for women over the age of fifty who want to live a more intentional and joyful life.

Here’s a sneak peek at what she shares in our conversation:

→ How she got started with her business and why she chose this path.

→ What she’s learned from launching her business.

→ Why she knew she needed help to get her message out in the world.

→ How the training and personal interaction during Smart Simple Content Marketing sets it apart from other programs.

→ Plus more!

I think Jen says it best right here:

“The most impressive thing I think about your course Smart Simple Content Marketing is that it is very comprehensive.  

And, you could literally sign up for a different paid course on every single topic inside this course.  But you don’t need to, because you cover it all inside this one course.”

Learn More About Jen Rigley and Flourishing Over Fifty

Supporting women over fifty in living an inspired, intentional life and finding their joy.

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